Go Green This Black Friday and Beyond

As a Holistic practitioner and lifestyle coach I am passionate about prevention and nutrition.  I believe in “Let thy food and thy water be thy medicine”.  Although holistically it takes a bite more than…”we are what we eat” to nourish harmony.  True health gets compromised in the fast paced, highly stressed and toxic society with which we live.  That is why we need to supplement wisely to attain optimal health, we need to be wary of what we put on our bodies in regards to personal products and why it is vital to take personal responsibility when we have options to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Health equates to happiness and if we want to age gracefully with the quality of life that would allow us to climb mountains in the last quarter of our lives.  If we wish to be the change we wish to see in this world than it is up to us to also give that gift of health and well-being to the one’s who mean the most to us.

Forget “Obama Care” it is YOU who needs to care by putting prevention on your holiday shopping list.  Prescribing  wellness options is the greatest gift to give. It lets those who mean the most feel special by knowing their quality of life matters.

Hospitals have gone green and the White House because the research and truth be told toxic cleaning products alone are a leading cause of Asthma and other ill related health issues and disease.  Changing to more natural and organic products does not mean you will compromise ultimate cleaning power or that it has to be that more expensive.  There are a lot of DIY personal care products that are easy, economical and will make a meaningful momentum.

Dr. Terry Friedman states, “to stay healthy, people have to do more than just exercise and eat healthy.”  “Consumers should also avoid personal care products that contain toxic synthetic ingredients that can penetrate the skin and accumulate in their tissues which can have a greater impact on health than either diet or exercise.”

Keeping in harmony with nature the way God intended was Dr. Shaklee’s dream who built his company based on the personal philosophy that natural heals.  The benefits of the constituents of vegetables, plants, herbs is what your body needs to nourish harmony within.  That is why Shaklee is more than a supplement company and why they went green before “green” was a buzz word.  Their cleaning products can be found in the White House so if you really wish to feel like your money’s are being invested in something that equates beneficially back to you and your family… this is a savings beyond the “almighty” green.  If it is “in God we Trust” then let us be grateful to what God has given us and use the power and the vital nutrients of real whole foods, herbs, plants and tree’s. Be patient and give the body what it needs to re-establish balance within by being wiser on what we use on the outside.

Remember the real meaning of Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus and how the “Wise Men”  honored Him by bringing gifts of Frankinsence and Myrrh .  These and other essential oils since biblical times if distilled therapeutically are composed of hundreds of constituents that are highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-tumoral. Remembering that essential oils are derived by the blood essence of a plant, tree, shrub or root  and provide amazing healing power. By raising not only our state of well-being but they do effect the limbic system enhancing moods, memory,  and one’s emotional state doing more even by elating the vibrational frequencies of our bodies.  By giving a gift of Joy, Orange, Thieve’s or Deep Relief can be everything from uplifting to thoroughly cleansing to giving the gift of helping calm pain and discomfort.

Who do you know who is stressed?  Do you have a loved one who has trouble getting to sleep?  How about someone who needs afternoon energy with an added antioxidant boost….a teacher maybe?  Green Matcha tea’s are loaded with catechins as a natural approach to supporting one’s energy and metabolism.  There is perfect all natural products to help remedy symptoms and conditions that our bodies can succumb too when it falls out of balance.

Part of wholesome health is how we incorporate physical and emotional stress reducing techniques into our daily lives.  Stress is inevitable, but it is all how we handle our stresses that matter.  I am a firm believer in meditation and yoga to help keep my body in balance to create a calmer mindset and increase the circulation.  A gift certificate  to a class or a series of similar practices such as Tai Chi would make a push for someone in need of exploring wellness options to help reduce that stress load.  Massage Therapy has the research behind it that states how it’s a proven winner for preventative care both emotionally and physically.

Think about the mental state of the nation being that over one third of the population is on anti-depressants. We are a nutritionally depleted nation that is not feeding our bodies with adequate nutrition.  The average American diet does not get enough EFA’s(essential fatty acids), D3(the sunshine vitamin), B’s that all equal up to leading causes of depression, mood swings and ill health.  To obtain optimal health whole food supplementation is a way to fill in the gaps and not leave things to chance.  By putting together a basket of Chia seeds, a canister of protein enriched smoothee mix , a bottle of D3 along with a bottle of sustained release B complex will give someone 30 days of the healthiest breakfast regimen.

Time spent in nature to explore the beauty that’s right in our backyards supplies the body with the healing power of sunshine.  Even if you live in an  urban  area, most still have access to green spaces.  As we are all caught up on technology, unplug to recharge and let’s not make NDD  (Nature Deficit Disorder) reach epidemic levels especially keeping our children in mind.  Electric Magnetic Radiation(EMR) disrupts the natural melatonin needed to help keep our circadium rhythm in sync and can be compromising to all extents of our brain health.   As more than just a mother  I encourage you to rethink the overly abundant usage of kid friendly tech gifts that children are exposed with an equally balanced gift.  Maybe with a ski pass ticket, a new bike or just spending time together exploring and experiencing the essence of the season… wherever you may live.

Don’t support the craziness of the holidays. Take a step out of the matrix and slow down so stress doesn’t take precedence over the reason for the season.  As we get caught up in the season of giving don’t forget to honor yourself as well.  Too many people get sick during the holiday season as sugar is our worst toxin depleting our immune systems own healing power.  Holiday parties and an overload of foods and beverages that will deplete our bodies alkalinity needs to be moderated.  Learning and experiencing how to incorporate whole nutrient dense foods is key to what every body needs. There’s many cookbooks available for nourishing more than the soul but introducing superfoods into the kitchen.  A real important element is literally going green with replenishing the internal pH balance with vital chlorophyll rich greens.  There’s many who believe in a natural shot of wheat grass juice and some who choose to cleanse by juicing using mineral, vitamin, enzyme and protein rich foods that our ancestors used to survive on in the raw. Think about a juicer or a high powered blender to begin a healthy habit that has more nutritional benefit than grabbing that coffee and bagel to go.

This is a socializing and family-oriented holiday season with so many traveling many miles to spend time with the one’s who mean the most.  One very overlooked area to vital health is the impact of relationships in correlation with who we surround ourselves matters significantly.   Socially speaking it is crucial to be around those who love us in return, nurture us rather than those who are more negative minded.  Stress is toxic to our well-being.  Healthy relationships blunt the impact that stress has on our immune system and can naturally immunize us against depression, cancer, and heart disease.  Incredibly research has linked positive social support with actually reducing inflammation.  So make the holidays count by celebrating in all that we have and the blessings of the one’s who make our lives full of peace and joy.

Do you really need more reasons to make a special someone’s life more green and eco-friendly?

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