About Lisa

As a Holistic practitioner I know it goes a bite beyond “we are what we eat”, but more so what we digest and our bio-chemical matrix.  The primary nourishment our bodies and minds need comes from the balance of physical activity, relationships, career, spirituality, stress levels and good ole sleep.  There so much more to attaining wholesome health than eating, but I consider myself a natural foodie as we all thrive on whole nutrient dense real foods.  As my journey has led me through my own auto-immune dis-ease with reality hitting me after my fourth child was born.  With his own array of symptoms starring up at me was when that “ahha moment” challenged my holistic approach to well-being and opened up a whole new awareness to support our individual bio-chemical needs.Gramm Photography

My name is Lisa D’Alessandro and by considering proper prevention and making sense of nutritional needs together with YOU to pinpoint the root cause of your health concerns.   By making dietary changes necessary, honoring self-worth by always keeping proper balance in mind is how to embrace our lives moving towards more optimal health.  It’s not always about taking food choices out of the picture but integrating new one’s in as part of an overall lifestyle improvement.   With the fast paced, high-stress and auto-immune suffering culture we live:) what our bodies sometimes need to creating wellness within is necessary supplementation or herbal support to attain wholesome health.  Truly it is about nourishing harmony within all aspects and I develop an holistic approach that is specific to what your body needs and on what level YOU are ready to incorporate making the responsible choices by designing a plan to achieve your goals one healthy habit at a time. 

I welcome and thank you for honoring both of us with your presence here today…  Many Blessings   ~Lisa

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