Ready set…Reset

Rev your engines its time to revitalize you bodies, recharge your brains, renew the cells, reawaken the spirit and rebalance the whole body!  Now is always the perfect time to manage your own healthcare reform and get out of the disease management mode.

Really…what am I referring to?  I started writing with a play on words, but I will refrain from getting carried away in regards to it becoming re-diculous…lol.   Seriously, the mindset is shifting as society in general is becoming more aware of how toxic our nation is, the importance of stress reduction and the understanding for the need of natural solutions is increasing, but we are still creatures of habit.  There’s reluctance and resistance…that total refusal to accept something new or different or just an unwillingness because its too much work.

Who’s ready for a challenge?

You’re given one life, one of the most vital components of life…is to love yourself and you will find love biting you back.  By honoring and taking care of the one body we’ve been gifted by doing all that’s necessary and knowing to keep our amazing machine running optimally. So many take better care of their cars, their beloved pets and family members.

In recognition of a time of year for revisiting new routines, readjusting our school, sports and events schedules and most profoundly reaping the rewards of a harvest season coming to a close.   This is the perfect time to cleanse our bodies with real nourishing wholesome foods.  I’ve been known to say this before…it takes a ‘bite’ more than ‘we are what we eat’ to holistically heal and create better balance.  It’s important also to reflect on all that we are grateful for and create a mindfulness in how we are handling the stress by checking in with and taking care of the self.  Adequate movement daily with some type of fitness regimen is also key as staying hydrated with adequate filtered water.

As my bi-annual cleanse come’s nearer I hear my own inner voice questioning taking on the mindset of creating a more harmonious inner ecosystem by eliminating the toxic buildup.  For me it’s my enjoyment of a glass of red wine with my meal at the end of the day and the cup of coffee that I really don’t need to get me going in the morning…it’s purely more tasteful than water can be all day long.

There’s never a perfect time to prioritize slowing down, purging from the processed world, but it makes a significance difference.  I hear it all the time in my coaching practice.  It’s natural to always hear some inner conflict, self sabotaging resistance that we conveniently come to some type of justification for putting off because of being reluctant to change.

I refer to it as doing the “Hokey Pokey” …we’ll put the right foot in or the left arm in but resist from putting our whole body in to ‘turn it all around’.

For moms, caregivers and professionals we have commitments, more challenges balancing all and everyone’s schedules and events. The excuses can be ongoing and never ending!  As a woman who is all of the above, let me tell you there’s never a convenient time, the daily things we juggle doesn’t lessen so maybe it’s best not too wait until the kids are off to college or a diagnosis vibrates in our ear.   Time seems to move faster and faster and it might be easier now to grab a quick fix than taking on preparing everyday meals or a meditative moment to unwind and feel our breath fill up our lungs and then calmly be recycled.

What about aging gracefully and living a quality life that doesn’t include a future of running from one doctors appointment to the next.  The Standard American Diet is literally SAD and the statistics that the average American by the age of 68 will be on almost 20 different meds is not a joke.  How many people do you know who are on anti-depressants or take a pill to fall asleep?

Taking responsibility for your health care will allow you to naturally respond to situations better, perform tasks with revitalized energy, enjoy life more since happiness is healthiness you will thrive and love life more!  Unleashing your brain and bodies optimal potential begins with Nourishing Harmony within.

Contemplation is understandable, the toxic nation and environment we live is undeniable, balancing our lifestyle is a challenge.  Doing a natural whole foods cleanse is like jumping in the leaves and consciously being in the moment of taking the time to have fun while doing a necessary annual chore.  The similarities; there’s work to do gathering the necessary to pull it off, we go for it with running speed as we go in for the plunge of a deliciously prepared meal with the enjoyment of a smile comes to our face and the thought of doing it again would fun to breakup the monotonous task.  Even though we need clean ourselves off a little…there’s always physical pieces that initially cling and the emotional part that contemplates… let’s do it again.

It’s an opportunity to break away from foods and vices that don’t support our well-beings, but only induce a stress response trigger.  This is not a diet or a starvation juice cleanse, but a time to give our liver, kidney’s and other endocrine glands a break from the toxic overload.  This autumn cleanse resonates with nourishing our souls with real fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other organic protein sources and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, sugar, white flours, gluten, dairy, soy and processed foods.  Its a time to get out of the fast food lane and become aware of how our body is capable of maintaining balance when given wholesome foods.  By allowing it to function optimally like a car with a new oil change you will ultimately feel better, less achy, more vitalized.

Are you ready to reset your body, mind and spirit?  Do you realize how prevention is maintenance that includes the right kind of nutrients, daily exercise, proper hydration, implementing stress reduction and mindfulness?

What if this kind of cleanse actually shifts you to create some healthier habits or realize a certain type of food is creating that sinus symptom or digestive disturbance?  Yay for you, because you made the right choice and took a step into a whole new matrix and you can now do the dance and ‘turn yourself all about!’

I would love to assist you in an attempt to cleanse and reset your well-being as the more we know the better we do!

If you’re still reluctant I wanted to include a past blog that was written by the founder of a Health Coach Group I belong.  This was written by Cathy Sykora called Health Reform-For Real.

I am taking another little break in my series on organization to talk about something that is on everyone’s tongue right now and that is health care reform. The health care plan has found everyone with an opinion and they are strong opinions. It is a subject that has religion, money and politics all involved not to mention our basic quality of life.

If you ask a group of people the question, “Who understands the new health care program?” not too many fully understand it. There is no question that there is a crisis in our country. We are a nation with a BUNCH of sick people and some of them with no way to pay to get better. In addition to that, tons of money is being spent on treatments that could be prevented.
We have a cockeyed lifestyle.
Here it is: the truth is that most of us are born healthy. We live our life then all of a sudden we notice we can’t do the things we used to do. We can’t move as well and our stomachs are all swollen up. We are having digestive problems and migraines and we are doing all we can to get through the day, fall asleep (if we can sleep) and then get up and start all over again.
We keep getting sick and we keep going to the doctor. The doctor diagnoses us and gives us a pharmaceutical. This will likely an antibiotic, maybe prednisone, maybe heart medicine, diabetes medicine, bone medicine, thyroid medicine, pain pills you know how it is. Then we get fat, they give us diet pills, we can’t sleep, and they give us sleeping pills. Our knees hurt and we get anti- inflammatory medicine. It just keeps going until we are so inflamed we have all kinds of things going on and they can no longer find anything wrong with us. If the doctor can’t diagnose it then they can’t treat it and it is written off as a pathological problem and we are left completely on our own.

You know those ads on TV? Where it says, “Oh by the way, if you take these pills you are going to have brain hemorrhages, diarrhea, seizures and maybe death,” well there is a reason they are required to tell you that because it happens.

Then who pays for all this stuff that is making us so sick? Health Insurance, taxes bottom line it all comes back to US! The saddest thing is when nobody pays for it and a person then dies. That happens. Everyone talks like there is no possible solution to this problem. President Obama says we aren’t deciding for ourselves so we HAVE to buy health insurance or he is going to send the IRS after us. (There are some people who don’t like that very much.)

There is a solution to the health care problem! Are you ready?

It is pretty much FREE! LOL… You got to be kidding me…free? YES…FREE. Every person in this country needs to know what it takes to keep them healthy and avoid the big surprise after they have indulged in all the GMO’s, dirty foods and cocktail of pharmaceutical treatments being doled out.

What does it take to be healthy? I know! We need to quit blaming the government, the doctors, our parents, the schools and the grocery store and the farmer. We have to take control and responsibility for our own health.
This is so important. We need to step up to the plate.
We must learn what makes us healthy – self-actualization, learning, esteem, love, safety and physiological needs.
It won’t be easy at first. It will get easier as we go though.

• We HAVE to start eating for nourishment instead of entertainment.
• We have to start moving our bodies.
• We have to de-stress our lives.
• We have to spend more time on spiritual pursuits.
• AND we have to take care of each other.

There are certain things in life that are true. We do need insurance in case of emergency. We do need to face the facts that there are things we are feeding to our bodies that are not nourishing us and realize that they are poisoning us. If we are going to be healthy, we have to get up and move our bodies. Those are THE facts!

We live the life we were raised to live. We buy our groceries in boxes, cans and bags. We grew up eating these foods (our parents DID NOT), and as time has passed and we get busier with our crazy busy lives, we have even gradually evolved to more processed foods. EAT WHOLE FOODS!

I grew up thinking milk was healthy. I had no clue that milk has measurable amounts of herbicides, pesticides, huge amounts of antibiotics, blood, pus feces, bacteria AND viruses. There are a lot of people who still believe that it is healthy because they are still forcing our children to drink it at school. In fact there are some schools that don’t allow their students to have water if they don’t drink their poison laden milk first! MAKE YOUR CHILDREN’S LUNCH!

DID YOU KNOW? That cancer does not grow in an alkaline environment. We may not always be able to cure cancer but we can prevent it from growing. DID YOU KNOW? That sugar feeds cancer?

True Story:
Michael had cancer. His family asked what caused it. There was not one questionnaire or survey on life habits to see what caused it and how to prevent it from recurring. They asked what they could eat to help as they shot radiation into him and they said nothing. The doctor said that there was nothing he could eat to make any difference in his strength, immunity or cancer fighting ability. THIS IS JUST NOT TRUE! We can’t blame the doctor, she knew about how to diagnose and treat cancer. That is what she was required to know in school and now in her profession.

Michael goes back for thousands of dollars in scans 2 times a year….but there is not anything done to find out what caused it, how it could be prevented in the future, or what he could eat to resist infections or regrowth. That just doesn’t even make sense. Most doctors do not have more than 7 hours of nutrition school. Bottom line. FOOD CHANGES EVERYTHING!

I read this: “People are fed by the food industry, who pay no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.” (Wendell Barry)

I say we change this ourselves. “We the people will learn what it takes to be healthy, happy and strong AND then do it.” (Cathy Sykora)

I can teach you. Sign up today to find out what you need to do to live a happier, healthier, disease free life. I give you this information for free! If you want to sign up for health coaching and more in depth information…that is great, if not, that is great too…just take advantage of the information I am sharing here. It is FREE and it is because I want to make a difference in your life.

About Lisa D~

I am passionate about prevention and nutrition and as a Holistic Practitioner and Lifestyle Coach I have tools that support individuals on creating more balance, self care and the know how to ideally improve one's health & happiness. I believe in "Let thy food and water be thy medicine" so educating and empowering others in eating real nutrient dense foods is how I help motivate others. Although holistically it takes a bite more than "we are what we eat" to attain healthy prosperity. True health can be compromised in the fast paced, highly stressed and toxic society we live. Nourishing harmony also involves how we value ourselves, our relationships, careers, how we handle stress, honor physical activity, our spirituality and gratitude we embrace in our lives. I welcome you and thank you for being present today in my wellness world.
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