Awe, August comes so carefree and quickly vanishes along with the last traces of summer.   As August arrived we all wonder “where did July go?” Time flies when you’re having fun, soaking up the sun and being more social. With the first crisp cool mornings, you sense that change is forth coming as the daylight dwindles. 

September is a critical month to prepare your immune system for fall.  Recognizing your immune system is one of the bodies primary functions in which it requires resiliency between the exterior and the interior world.  It has many interfaces that may sense danger as stressors come from many different aspects- externally from our environment to physiological, biochemical, emotional, social and how one perceives things mentally. 

When cells senses danger, worry, fear and stress it ramps up. Sometimes it misreads the signals and stays in an over-reactive chronic state of alarm. This state leads to a wildfire of inflammation along with a wide gambit of metabolic diseases we know all too well, like heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders and a wide range of autoimmune conditions. 

Immunity cannot be isolated to the intake of a single vitamin or supplement.  Rather it’s the sum of a greater whole in which we have to give attention to a few key pillars that will help this transitional time.

Falling back on the basic principles of Ayurveda —if we connect with the qualities of each season it gives the body a better chance to adjust accordingly and keep balanced. With this Covid crisis lingering and ruling our lives it sets us up for cortisol to be running amuck through one’s veins.

Signs of imbalanced seasonal dryness include harder stools, gas and bloating, insomnia, anxiety, and a scattered mind.  Seasonal stress might show up as a skin disorder, fall hay fever, susceptibility to a sore throat, and any onset of infection or “itis” that signifies the over abundance of inflammation.

In today’s overly STRESSED and toxic world this correlates to about 95% of today’s lack of optimal holistic health and WHY disease is so prevalent and manifests into physical symptoms!

Ways in which you can improve your overall well-being by removing the physical, mental and emotional effects of daily stress that permeates into our tissues, energy fields and creates symptoms of distress.


If you are prone to constipation, it’s almost always worse with the first cool Autumn air. A buildup of toxins from constipation or dryness may aggravate allergies,  cause urinary tract infections and the onset of other pathogens to proliferate.  

Ginger is a known prokinetic, that along with its ability to quell inflammation, it helps drive the MMC(migrating motor complex) of the gastro intestinal tract.  Adding it to water with lemon first thing in the morning, incorporating ginger in meals or if you’re a Young Living lover like myself— adding a few drops of oil into a capsule with some psyllium husk powder for fiber is the way to literally go.

Fats and fiber for frequency equals flaxseeds.  Taking one tablespoon of flaxseed oil before bed or 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds soaked in 2 Tbs of water for five minutes makes for aiding in elimination. 

Another favorite food remedy is kickstarting the day with kiwi’s. By juicing a couple of kiwi’s, cucumbers and celery together will help support the stomachs digestive function to the colons mucosal hydration.  Doing a day of juice fasting helps reset your digestive and metabolic fire.

I am more of a smoothie loving girl for the fact of the many nutritional punches of immune boosting benefits, digestive enhancing prebiotic fiber sources and liver cleansing super greens which can all be deliciously combined and consumed.  Consider bypassing the coffee that is dehydrating for a more superior smoothie.  

Certain types of mushrooms have key constituents known as 3,6 beta-glucans that promotes an immuno-modulatory effect. They help improve natural killer cell function, which is essential for fighting viruses. I enjoy a Cold-Pressed Seed Powder Blend that contains sunflower, cucumber, cranberry, black cumin, blackberry, and concord grape seed fibers and  AHCC®, a clinically-studied microRNA signaling & patented cultured mushroom mycelia extract blend that enhances the gut/brain axis.  This all supports the immune system, skin, eye, brain, and heart health, while increases stress resilience as the microbiome is entwined with the central nervous system. 

Before bed try magnesium citrate and vitamin C in a buffered ascorbate powder which both act as an osmotic agent that draws water into the GI tract to soften stools and will make it easier to pass impacted bowels.


Sleep is one of the clearest links that science has been able to make that directly plays a significant role in building up immune resiliency and for which one has an actionable amount of control over. For some, it’s elusive, disrupted and short because stress has caused cortisol to curve high during this critical rebuilding period. During deep sleep, the brain detoxes, immune cells enhance to support any fight against the common cold, flu and to protect us from cancerous tumor cells. 

Our brains are always looking for patterns, may the rhythmic song of the peeper frogs lull you into a deeper state of slumber.  Settling down earlier in the evening with lights out by 10 may help to reset your circadian cycle. When the body is warmer at night, blue light is avoided, the mind is in a peaceful place and no alcohol is consumed are ways to help with insomnia.  

Unlike these unison creatures that call out during the night, humans are a warm-blooded species. The body spends lots of energy adjusting to varied temperature changes. Air conditioning and cooler temps, shifts of the season can play a part in being a physiological stressor on the bodies adaptability to change so keep a blanket and sweatshirt handy not to get chilled.

If monkey chatter, anxiety, worries and stress affects aspects of your days and quality Zzz’s then using adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha, not only improves moods, but calms the mind.  This is crucial if you wish to get off the cortisol carousel. Deep sleep should have you slumbering for a good 6-7 hours. An amazing MOOD managing natural supplement that supports anxiousness, sadness and restlessness by triggering those happy hormones.

Another fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and spend more time in both REM sleep (for brain rejuvenation) and deep sleep (for body restoration) is a natural SLEEP supplement that’s been studied for its effectiveness.  Corn grass and other patented blends of tryptophan, 5HTP phytonutrients and mineral cofactors that support serotonin/melatonin metabolism and improve sleep quality.* 


If immunity is important to you then gut health should stand out as inseparable to consciously support one’s well-being 100%.  As 80% of our immune function resides amongst the gut barrier walls. There’s a number of fundamental factors to keep both in your mind, fork and on your plate.  Being mindful to not only slow down and chew each bit to beyond morsels, but to daily consume healthy doses of probiotic and prebiotic foods. 

Today science reveals specific strains of probiotics target specific neurotransmitters that will simultaneously boost the uptake of ‘feel good’ happy hormones.  As well as we recognize probiotics serve to reinforce the trillions of bacteria needed to build a fortress of flora to fight against the pathogens of bad bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites.  

I would be amiss not to mention an award winning, cutting edge, gut boosting triage each of probiotics, prebiotics and phytobiotics that targets building immune, stress and emotional resiliency. This science based, Mental Wellness Company has invested in rigorous and measurable scientific studies to prove the efficacy of their award winning proprietary ingredients in MENTABIOTICS. This is the most advanced gut/brain nutrition on the market that delivers the same amazing mind/body responses.

Dialing down on raw foods and consuming cooked foods that warm the soul like soups and stews.  Taking your garden gems like beans, zucchini, cucumbers, beets, cabbage, carrots and garlic scapes to ferment into fabulous probiotic rich nutrition. 

Naturally begin to align with the root vegetables that come into season during this time. All are especially antioxidant rich in soluble and insoluble fibre, which helps to boost the gut friendly bacteria. Loaded with vitamin and minerals to lower high levels of blood fats and blood glucose to reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer.

We also want to include more healthy  omega 3 fats, through oils, avocados and nuts. These help take down inflammation, promotes healthier cardiovascular, brain function, insulates the body and nourishes cells of the nervous system.

A shift in carb cravings can be a sign that your body will begin to prepare for colder temps ahead. When the body begins to build insulating layers of fat from circulation to the skin the blood dries out.  Staying hydrated with water, antioxidant rich fruits like grapes, stonecrop peaches, plums and kiwi’s also provide fiber and moistens the GI tract. 

This virus has broadened everyone’s awareness that Vitamin D is a significant component to our immune health.  As the autumn months manifest into winter and lower exposure to sunlight this should be one of the few necessary things to consider supplementing. I believe anyone who suffers from autoimmune conditions should consider choosing liposomal liquid forms.  Daily outdoor exposure to the suns rays throughout the colder months, alongside increasing intake of foods high in Vitamin D, such as mushrooms, oily fish, eggs and sprouted seeds is all beneficial.


Rose hips are a summer fruit that begins to form in early summer, and ripens in the late summer through autumn. They are rich in vitamin C antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids. 

Amalaki, commonly known as Indian gooseberry or amla, is considered one of the most powerful rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda. In Sanskrit, it’s known as “the sustainer”.  Its been traditionally prescribed to strengthen the immune system to support the common cold, sore throat and to nurture the digestive tract, inner/outer skin, arteries, and liver.

Saffron has received so much recognition from Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Shawn Talbott to the numerous learning challenged . I think, September, school and studying and don’t we all know someone who may need the support when stressed with wanting to do better comprehensively? Saffron helps to normalize serotonin and dopamine activity — the “feel good” neurotransmitters, aids in reducing cellular damage, and supports lowering stress hormones including cortisol for more optimal focus and concentration.

Holy Basil or Tulsi, meaning “incomparable one” as it’s not your typical basil plant. It’s been considered sacred by the Hindus and always in Ayurvedic medicine for as an adaptogen herb to counter life’s stresses and provide calm to the body and mind.

Rosemary supports the body, mind and spirit. It helps relieve muscle discomfort, enhances immunity, mental focus and an overall ‘feel good’. Alone it can be helpful, but when you put these three herbal remedies together they synergistically have been studied for their neuroprotective benefits, the ability to reduce oxidative stress and kicks up those happy hormones especially in children. KIDS MOOD was designed with literally them in mind, but this patented proprietary blend that’s similar to a pixie stick has adults praising its holistic effects.

Licorice root improves inflammation along the GI tract, especially good for those who suffer with acid reflux or heartburn. It’s gelous  soothes dryness, encourages water retention and has anti-viral  and microbial properties.  Caution to those with high blood pressure and on meds for congestive heart failure or blood thinners. 


When chronic to neurological inflammation runs amuck upstream this distracts anyone from living their best lives.  Anxiety, depression, brain fog, joint pain, aggravating skin conditions, poor sleep, and a lack of energy and/or vitality.

For this my first go to is green tea because of the powerful antioxidant, epigallocatechin…lol, a real mouthful. I love to drink this energy enhancing tea in a ground matcha tea form—a coconut latte style or in a pomegranate proprietary flavonoid blend with other added amino acids for mental alertness. Amare’s ENERGY + is full of necessary bioflavonoids that support a healthy gut microbiome, liver detoxification, and help take down oxidative stress aka inflammation.

Intermittent fasting improves energy and cellular apoptosis. Begin by taking longer durations from your final bite at night which ideally should be around 6pm and last for a good 14hours before taking that first break-fast bite. Not over eating gives the digestive system that much needed break. When less vital energy is spent on digestion the bodies metabolic engine can rev up and immune cells can regenerate.

And during this transitional time think positively about aligning to do a 21-30 day whole foods cleanse or a gut reboot to adjust the pH of the intestines and cut down on inflammation which robs the brain and body of energy required to function optimally.  It’s polyphenols, antioxidants and other phytonutrients from plants that help fuel, feed and increase the blood flow to the brain so the body can operate at a higher capacity. 

Alway’s ask yourself does this support the lifestyle I am trying to create for myself? If you’re feeling wonky of body, mind or spirit know first you are not alone and women especially fall into the out of balance, out of sync and stress induced statistics. For some it’s simple solutions to help you feel more vibrant, healthier and in harmony. But we all need to begin with lifestyle changes that build upon our emotional and stress resilience and we just may need to adjust our own seasonal self-care management tools.

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Are You Immune Deficient? It’s Always Time To Detox!



Unwell and tired


The bodies number one priority is maintaining its immune system defenses.  This first line of defense is to protect against invaders such as viruses, bacteria and other foreign bodies like chemicals and toxins it doesn’t recognize. 

We are energetic cellular beings comprised of a matrix of tissues that target pathogens within but also responsible for removing dead proteins and waste byproducts from the body.  While specific white blood cells recognize invaders, others engulf them like a ‘pac man’ both attacking and destroying the “bad guys”.  Amazingly our cells have the ability to distinguish between the good and bad proteins that are on the cell membrane’s surface to sound the alarm to eliminate the invader.

If we are under a lot of stress either physically, emotionally or mentally it wears down on our immune function when it remains under a constant defensive mode.  This causes the immune system to become deficient by not having the ability to fight off pathogens, bacteria, fungus, yeast or infections with the same gusto. 

There are a number of risk factors for this immunodeficiency as common symptoms occur like more frequent viral and bacterial colds occur, diarrhea, yeast infections, digestive issues, unknowing malnutrition, fatigue, sinus congestion, hives, rashes and more.

This is also when autoimmune disorders come into the picture as the cells mistakenly recognize normal proteins as an invader.  It’s marked, targeted and the body begins to attack its own tissues and/or a specific food or environmental antigens.  What should be considered acceptable by the various T cells, B cells, and macrophages gets mis-interpreted.  This response begins to manifest in the body as sensitivities, allergies and auto-immune diagnosis in the long run.

Immunodeficiency results in a build up of toxins and inflammation as its ability to flush out waste is compromised.

There’s no doubt we have fallen victim to an enormous array of chemicals, metals as well as our own internal exacerbation of mycotoxins that hinder our metabolic functioning.  Including a bad balance of bacteria and yeast which compromises the immune system and infections become more common.

Detoxing is critical for cells to communicate efficiently to boost the information pathways and clear the body of this build up of cellular waste. Toxins and inflammation can be recognized as some of the root causes for the underlying stressors that create imbalances within the body and mind.

Detoxing can restore a weakened immune system by improving the circulation and removal of free radicals, metals, metabolites of foreign chemicals, bacteria, yeast, mold, solvents, pesticides and herbicides.

When inorganic compounds are consumed, breathed in or absorbed through the skin they not only wreak havoc in the intestinal tract they become suppressed in our extracellular tissues, especially our fat cells by not getting metabolized by the liver.  This causes a cascade of inflammation that leads to an overly acidic condition that brings about dis-EASE and cancer. In fact, studies show that 100 percent of human fat cell biopsies reveal elevated levels of known toxins.

The liver is the  cleansing organ of the body as it has to cleanse and filter toxins and waste out of the blood. When it becomes overburdened then the other systems weaken and breakdown.  It’s time to consider loving your liver more and begin a daily regimen of detoxing to help push or pull trapped metals, chemicals and toxins out from your lymphatic system or what might be disrupting your cellular health elsewhere within. 

Signs of an Overloaded and Toxic Liver


Inability to lose weight or sluggish metabolism

Loss of appetite

Abdominal Bloating after eating

Excessive gas or nausea

Poor digestion

High cholesterol

Sugar Cravings

Sensitivities to medication

Excessive Alcohol Intake


Fatigue or Low Energy

Frequent Headaches or Migraines

Mood and Behavior Swings

Forgetfulness, Poor concentration

Disturbed sleep

Poor Immune System or recurring colds, fevers and mucus

Excessive body heat


Fatty Liver

High blood pressure

Hormonal imbalance

I’m all about nourishing whole foods and living the holistic life since it’s made such a difference in my life, loved one’s and clients. Vibrant health is your birthright too, but you need to clear your mind and clean your body purposefully to restore better health. 

Did you know that you’ve already been exposed to 127 different synthetic chemicals before you left your home today?(1)  In our foods and drinks alone there are 82,000 of these carcinogenic chemicals.  From artificial sweeteners, preservatives, nitrates, artificial colors, sodium or potassium benzoate, cadmium, lead, glyphosate and other pesticides or herbicides.  Be reminded, most chemicals on the market have not been tested as it is with genetically modified organisms to know how bad the effects have on the body and mind.

We do know metals stay embedded in the tissues for long periods even a lifetime. Preservatives like BHA(butylated hydroxynaisole) are potentially cancer causing just like the 200 known chemicals in the average human body because it can’t purge them on its own.

To help you all out, I’ve compiled some of my favorite necessary and natural detox and cleansing tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to help your body THRIVE!

Detox for Health ~ YOU’VE GOT THIS, If you do this daily:

Hydrate first thing in the morning with warm water and fresh lemon juice.  I helps flush the liver of impurities, giving you a boost of vitamin C as lemons, and limes will alkaline your blood.  Change it up during the day with one of my favorite flavors by adding a splash of 100% organic tart cranberry juice with half of a lime to support your kidneys and urinary tract.  Drinking filtered water, at least half your body weight in ounces daily and putting down the plastic bottles that are serious endocrine disruptors.

Drink herbal tea’s like dandelion root, milk thistle that are full of flavonoids to aid in liver regenerating and protective qualities.  Milk thistle is high in silymarin that has been researched to support cell membrane function which helps reduce metabolic disorders, certain cancers, high cholesterol and raises bile solubility that encourages its circulation reducing gall stones and liver congestion.  Dandelion has numerous benefits beyond the liver as it helps to purify the blood, kidney’s and bladder, regulate blood sugar, improves digestion and aids in weight loss.  Pao d’Arco another herb which has high antioxidant compounds that directly impact pathogens, parasites, bacteria, Candida because of their biological ability to remove free radicals that damage cells and trigger disease.

Ginger and turmeric are highly anti-inflammatory helping to take down inflammation along the digestive tract.  Turmeric is a profound spice that has so much research and data supporting it effectiveness.  It can be incorporated into smoothies, latte’s, eggs and many dishes that this herbs taste can be enjoyed.  Ginger also acts as an aid to peristalsis, the propulsion or wave-like movement to the muscles along the GI and can easily be added to water or tea’s by simply grating.

Oil Pulling with coconut oil that has natural anti-microbial properties. Swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around for at least 15 – 20 minutes or more being careful not to swallow as it absorbs toxins and mouth bacteria.  Don’t clog your sink drain by spitting this out down any drain but use the trash can.

Dry Brushing before you shower with a natural bristle brush gets your lymphatic system flowing as sweating through our largest organ/tissue system the skin is vital.  Remember it’s not only what you put into your body that needs to be clean and chemical free but what goes on, goes in and must come out by not clogging it up with parabens.  This feel good technique is easy to learn how here.

Drinking and showering with filtered water especially if you live in city municipals where your water is treated with chloride and fluoride.  Fluoride has been well researched for its adverse affects on our endocrine system and especially brain health. 

Brush with only natural toothpaste.  If you haven’t already changed up your toothpaste, do your research on fluoride and the belief that it helps prevents tooth decay.  Your children’s minds and bodies are so susceptible to toxins such as these.  Toothpastes contain  sodium benzoate, formaldehyde, mineral oil, PVP, and saccharin which are all classified as carcinogens.  Check out your tube, as its been  required since 1997 to carry poison control information on the label as even a small amount if swallowed can harm or kill a small child!

Add lots of organic leafy greens to each meal.  Spinach, kale, watercress, chlorella, cilantro and any marine plankton are loaded with chlorophyl, vital nutrients, and fiber to help alkaline the blood and cleanse the liver.  Eating raw is ideal but juicing or making into smoothies requires less digestive exertion and an uptake of mineral absorption.

Take marine phytoplankton or liquid directly as this life giving oxygenated green pigment found in plants and algae increase red blood cells and binds with toxins and heavy metals to be eliminated from the body.  According to NASA research, marine-phytoplankton is responsible for producing up to 90% of the Earth’s oxygen, and likewise the very oxygen our cells need to remain healthy.  Marine phytoplankton’s are packed with “every amino acid, vitamin, mineral, polysaccharide or healthy sugar and essential oils that the body needs.”(2)

Eating organic produce to the best of your ability.  If you don’t know the dirty dozen and clean fifteen then visit to learn more.  The worst pesticide is glyphosate but coming in second is atrazine which is commonly sprayed on corn crops.  Organic farmers are prohibited from using toxic synthetic herbicides like these.  80% of U.S.-grown corn is sold both domestically to be used as animal feed and used as a substrate in packaged or processed foods, according to the National Corn Growers Association.

Choose grass-fed, antibiotic free or organic animal protein that are free of hormone regulating compounds, hybridized grains and environmental chemicals that accumulate in their fatty tissues as well.  Knowing “we are what we eat and digest”!

Soak up some sunshine daily to get your natural vitamin D needed to boost immunity.   In one study, insufficient levels of Vitamin D have been found in 36% of healthy adolescents and 57% of adults in the U.S.  Synergistically the sunshine vitamin and the skins receptor cells are responsible for triggering a number of protective immunity functions to maintain health. One, by activating a gene response, but also turn on key peptides that activate a strong anti-microbial response before allowing you to develop a full-blown infection.  Remember not to be too afraid of the suns rays and get at least 15-20 minutes without a sunscreen that will filter out this mandatory vitamin uptake.

Add house plants or ionizing salt lamps to help manage airborne pollutants   and oxygenate your living environment.  Pollution is all around us and inhalation of contaminants disrupts important biological processes by effecting the body’s natural hormones.  Meaning any system in the body that are managed by hormones can be derailed causing weight gain, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, hypertension and sickness.  “50% of all illnesses are due to poor indoor air quality.”(3)

Purge your pantry, shelves and closets of cleaning, personal care, health and beauty products. Start switching out your kitchen and bathrooms from the toxic contaminants that are exposing you and your loved ones to their carcinogenic solvents.  Hormone disruptors  interfere with our endocrine systems, “which regulate the hormones that control our weight, our biorhythms and our reproduction.”(4)   Be wary if your doctor has prescribed synthetic hormones for birth control, reduce menopausal symptoms, for diabetes to control insulin and/or to compensate for a deficient thyroid gland.

Read your labels, learn more on GMO’s by viewing genetic roulette to understand fully how the United States is playing warfare with your health.   If you choose packaged foods stick with the GMO project labeled foods for safer consumption. 

Make your home electro-pollution free as  wifi permeates into our cells tissues. The National Institutes of Health recently released a report which proved the connection between close-range cell phone use and certain kinds of cancer. Cellphones are just one source of harmful EMFs, however. A few simple actions can turn your home into an “EMF-free zone.”  Make sure any bed is located as far away as possible from SMART meters. Turn off your Wi-Fi routers before you snooze so that EMFs do not disturb the quality sleep you need to detox and heal.  

Do a “media detox”, meditate or opt to read a book, go for a walk, listen to some music, or do a craft instead.  At the end of the day practice gratitude, write down all that you are thankful for to help let go of any negative sensory input giving your cells positive and good thoughts.

Take a bath in epsom salt to draw out some impurities and adding essential oils like lavender helps calm the body and release compounds to boost cellular health.  There’s nothing like a warm to hot immersion bath to relax the tension in the tissues while mineral salts do there cellular magic.

Castor oil packs on the abdomen have been shown to pull out inflammation where toxins are prevalent in the fat tissue improve the detoxification capacity of the liver, support reproductive organs, improve lymph flow, and reduce inflammation.  Castor oil is rich in vitamins and minerals as is the fat burning compound of fatty acids that help assist in  weight loss. 

Nasal irrigation or  Neti is Sanskrit for “nasal cleansing.” Ayurvedic practices focus on cleansing the nasal cavity by using a small pot filled with a saline solution that improves the mucosal tissue by flushing out irritants and allergens.

Coffee enemas are nothing new as they stimulate the liver to flush out toxins, bacteria, heavy metals to yeast.  Coffee beans naturally contain antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that help remove free radicals from the bloodstream and reduce inflammation in the GI..  The Gerson Institute began using them as part of their cancer protocol for treating cancer patients and you can use this home procedure to help boost overall healing and health. Generally there’s little side effects but one should consult with their physician or functional doctor before administering a treatment.

Exercising should make sense as it helps increase internal body temperature which induces a sweat response by the skin.  The skin is one of the largest organs in the body. It is also an important part of your body’s natural detoxification process – and sweat is the vehicle that your body uses to carry harmful toxins out of the body.

Ramping up the bodies burdened detoxification pathways, giving your liver a lift and assisting in releasing the toxins from fat tissues is vital.  The absorption of chemicals, metals and metabolites that go undigested landing in or near a specific organ/tissue is much more prevalent causing diseases and cancer.

“Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, circulatory disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and hormonal problems are diseases commonly related to chemical exposure.” (5)

By doing a whole foods cleanse can change how you feel.  As food does more than nourish the cells in the body it sends the brain information to release hormones that act as chemical messengers improving cellular responses metabolically.

Let me tell you the more we partner up with nature in the foods, cleaning products, personal health and beauty products we use …we can control and learn how to incorporate greater health into your lives, radiate and experience more gratifying well-being!

Sweating in an infrared sauna can help to enhance the detox process. Infrared saunas raise core body temperature by two to three degrees. Which means instead of being heated from the outside in, infrared saunas heat you form the inside out~a state of hyperthermia, which in turn helps enhance the body’s natural detoxification process.  Far Infrared is thought to be 7 times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, and even cholesterol’s, nicotine, alcohol, ammonia, sulfuric acid and other environmental toxins, as opposed to conventional heat or steam saunas.

Wishing you, happy sweating, happy detoxing and happy life ~ Lisa

1(Health Fitness Revolution)

2(Hugo Rodier, MD), Nutrition Professor University of Utah Medical School

3(Source: 1989 State of Massachusetts Study)

4(Laura Kurtzman, “Study Finds Wide Exposure to Environmental Toxics in Cohort of Pregnant Woman”

5(Joyce M Woods,


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Happy family: mother, father, children son and daughter on sunset


Welcome to another change of season and the onset of fall allergies from pollen ragweed or sensitivities to mold during these damper months.  Depending on where you live many are already feeling the aggravating symptoms that makes one reach for over the counter anti-histamines or suffering from an immune response cold.

Being outside and grounding to mother nature brings on many persistent reactions such as scratchy throats, runny noses, watery, itchy eyes, sneezing and sinus congestion for about a quarter of the population here in North America.

During the spring allergic rhinitis can begin with the blooming flowers as the pollen hits the air. While summer it might be the various grasses but the most problematic for some is the ragweed that can disperse billions of pollen particles per plant.

If allergic reactions to airborne pollens known as “hay fever” trigger any symptom from mild to more severe it may be time to address the different root causes.  It all begins with the healing of the gut where the immune system is throwing up the red flag in response.  When there’s a weak internal environment with an inflamed intestinal tract or a lack of good flora it leads to autoimmune reactions.

The elements that need reducing are the more serious of culprits that cause this tipping of one’s health of ongoing persistent immune reactions which weakens one’s well-being.  This dysbiosis or “leaky gut” syndrome only sets a person or child up for a downward spiral to rely on medications in order to relieve symptoms.

Tips to lessen fall allergies begin with removing the culprits:

Read your labels and give up the GMO’s:

The consumption of GMO’s(genetically modified organisms), artificial ingredients, preservatives, refined sugars, additives and chemicals play a major role in creating disharmony in the body causing a rise in allergies, asthma to more severe auto immune disorders.

Ragweed is the harmless substance but the glyphosate that’s sprayed on the farmers crops and grains is now being recognized as one of the worst known provoking inflammatory substances.  By the World Health Organization it’s being classified as a “probable human carcinogen”. 11   It’s also been stated, “Glyphosate also causes DNA and chromosomal damage in human cells.”12

This pesticide damages the necessary gut microbes in the digestive tract allowing an overgrowth of harmful pathogens, blocks the assimilation of vital nutrients and has been studied to also impair key enzymes that detoxify the body.  It puts more stress on the liver that is already overburdened with toxins, refined sugars, recycling of fats and xenoestrogens which causes a backup on the gallbladder with which more people are being diagnosed with non-fatty liver disease.

Noticeably for those who struggle with weight gain and resistance to proper fat metabolism this is how the body’s ability to produce bile is impaired as a key enzymes in the digestion of fats becomes limited or obstructed.

Crop spraying with glyphosate has been a very common practice since the big agricultural companies introduced this to the farmers to douse massive amounts on the non-GMO crops such as wheat, oats, soybeans, corn and other crops weeks before harvest in order to salvage greater harvesting demands.

Choose organic, avoid processed foods and soak, scrub and clean off produce well:

Glyphosate is used to desiccate a variety of other crops including peanuts, lentils, peas, soybeans, flax, rye, triticale, buckwheat, millet, canola, sugar beets and potatoes.  Most processed foods have soy, canola, sugar beets, peanuts and potatoes as ingredients that need to be avoided by getting out of the box or bags.

“According to the EPA, glyphosate is used in the U.S. on at least 70 different food crops, including grains, spinach, avocados, almonds, walnuts, figs, plums, grapes, kiwi, lemons, grapefruit, pistachios, and pomegranates.”13

Giving up the grains is challenging but becoming more of a fact finder by staying in tune with the, reading those labels or using products that are marked with the GMO Project label can be detrimental to one’s well-being.   The widespread usage of glyphosate makes it nearly impossible to avoid as sadly, “93% of us test positive for glyphosate in our bodies.”

Ces la ve to sugar:

Sugar is the anti-nutrient along with being what most crave and consume which is the leading cause of obesity due to the inflammation that spreads like wild fire within.  Remove the refined sugar and reach for berries, apples that are in season to boost the vitamin C component needed for producing natural antihistamine and collagen to fight the fight our bodies are designed to do.

Replace with some of the best gut healing foods and supplements: 

These all can be highly beneficial to the lining of your digestive tract to insure better nutrient absorption and improve the integrity to downgrade allergy symptoms.

Bone broth is a great source of collagen, which is a powerful gut healing substance. This gelatin source has a potent anti-inflammatory property because its rich in the amino acids especially glycine which it also protects the lining of the gut from further damage.

Probiotics are one of those essential supplements that offer necessary strains of “good flora” to improve the micro biome balance that is the first line of defense to regulate the immune systems reaction to a real threat versus overreacting to something harmless.

Include fermented foods and more prebiotic produce:

These significant probiotic strains are found in fermented vegetables, kombucha tea’s, apple cider vinegar, kefir and yogurts that have not been destroyed through the pasteurization process.

Changing up your diet to include more prebiotic foods such as fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus and artichokes are known for their non-digestible components that enhances the growth of helpful bacteria in the gut.

Bring on the veggies, fiber and plant powerhouses:

The fall is a perfect time to put more sulfur rich foods onto your plate that will help resist bacteria and protect against toxic substances.  Those from the cruciferous family like brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, turnips, broccoli, but also good protein sources lentils and legumes are loaded with this micronutrient to improve immune function . 

Allium vegetables are similar as their cell walls contain an enzyme allinase and when chopped, crushed or chewed synergistically contain a organosulfur compound that has anti-inflammatory benefits.  The onion family which includes garlic, leeks, shallots, chives and scallions have been studied for their association to lower risk of infections, disease and cancer.

Rebuild your gut health and strengthen your immune system:

As the gut leaks and inflammation flares it simultaneously causes deficiencies in the absorption of vitamins A, B’s and D3 while it binds with vital minerals like iron, selenium, molybdenum, copper that weakens many metabolic functions.  Mineral deficiencies are so common due to the Standard American diet and noticeably for many it exacerbates normal processes like energy production, sleep cycles, insulin resistance and hormone dysregulation.

Vitamin D not only plays a crucial part in immune regulation, brain, bone and heart health but is responsible for keeping the junctions in the small intestine tight so there’s less inflammation leaking out into the blood.  This helps lessen the immune systems hypersensitive response to airborne, environmental and mistaken food identity alarm signals.

Minerals make all the difference and plant foods are filled with these catalysts that become powerhouse sources of our energy.  By drinking your supergreens    it can ignite one’s health by first giving you the energy your body needs to bring balance within.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids or the healthy phospholipids essential for brain, gut and overall influence to aid in pushing out the inflammation.  Also for better absorption of critical nutrients with their ability to get beyond the cells membrane and boost the immune system.  Flaxseeds, chia’s, hempseeds, olives, avocado’s, coconuts and their oil, salmon, krill, sardines, nuts and grass-fed meats all contain good amounts of omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Vitamin C is to the immune system as a key is to a lock.  Drink it, eat it, but boost it to support relieving symptoms of allergic distress.  Berries are the best sources, but so are lemons and hydrating with water.

Spice up your diet from meals to drinks for rebuilding health.

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory effects have been well researched.   It can easily be added to smoothies, eggs, chicken and even healthier versions of spiced latte’s.  This spice should top your list of pro-active support and is best taken with pepperine or a healthy fat for boosting its remarkable capabilities.

Ginger is another marvelous anti-inflammatory spice that can be added to a lot of dishes, into drinking water or tea with this beneficial proactive digestive herb.  Especially known for helping with nauseas and the propulsion movement of the gastrointestinal tract.

L-Glutamine is another amino acid which is the main fuel that the intestinal epithelial cells need for maintenance, repair and healing of the barrier walls to combat invaders.  The more energy they have the better they are able to repair damage done and clean up the inflammation around the “leaks”.   It has been shown to decrease this intestinal permeability in IBD patients.essential for restoring the integrity to the cell walls of the gastrointestinal lining.

N-acetyl-glucosamine is a specific enzyme necessary for the synthesis of proteins contained within the mucus lining of your gut while it also supports the extracellular tissue surrounding intestinal epithelial cells to decrease the binding of lectins.

Resistant starch has its healing benefits to the digestive tract as it bypasses breaking down during initial digestion until it is converted to a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate in the large intestine.  This starch is another fuel for the probiotic bacteria to rebuild, repair and replenish the population of good bacteria in the colon to ward off disease.  These superfood starches assist with supporting the dysfunctional imbalance of pH in the large intestine.  Green banana’s or plantains, legumes, lentils, chickpea’s, cashews, raw oats, cooked and cooled potatoes are good sources.

Aloe is known for its mucilage healing properties that absorbs toxins and is a  gelatinous fatty acid that takes down inflammation along with it. The interesting thing about taking aloe internally is that it helps to regulate your elimination cycles in whatever way you need.  This adaptogen has been a great remedy for people with problems such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome as well as acid reflux.  Full of the all necessary B vitamins especially B12, essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and an alkaline forming food.

CBD oil is now recognized as a natural therapeutic compound that simply puts a “little red cape” on to help your body reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system, fight free radicals, cancer, diabetes and relieve pain systemically.  There’s over 15,000 published scientific studies and works that correlate positively CBD’s affects with our own Endocannabinoid system.  These receptors are found throughout the body where our cells have “messenger molecules” that receive information to initialize a homeostasis response. It has multiple healing properties unlike so many pharmaceutical drugs, but CBD is non-psychoactive and non-addictive.  There is different strains of cannabis or industrial hemp that can have higher concentrations of THC and this is why isolating CBD into a purified extract state of an oil can be “more effective as an anti-inflammatory agent than aspirin, fish oil and vitamin C.” 14  The CBD oils on the market all do the same thing by purposefully keeping the peace on a cellular level but their delivery system may be different due to its structure or the percentage of levels of THC versus actual CBD.  Primebody is one of the most exceptional brands available on the market for its ability to increase quality of life from many ailments.  Always best to consult with your medical health professional before starting any new treatment and simultaneously, it always takes changing up one’s lifestyle, while doing better you will feel better!

Restructure and reset your lifestyle is about getting into a stress management mindset:

Meditation to calm the mind releases serotonin hormones produced in the gut to relax the whole body, bringing better balance back, a homeostasis process that allows for healing within.

Movement makes all the difference and if stress overload has been a common denominator then choose an exercise that will bring on a “feel good” that is right for you.  When your adrenals are exhausted sometimes you may need to dial down on pushing your body into exercise regimens that are too strenuous. Consider changing up to one’s that will relax the mind and oxygenate the body.  Take up yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong, go for a hike or brisk walk.

Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread but know it’s what your body needs to help release the serotonin that’s produced in the gut and is supportive of bringing the body back into a better state of homeostasis.

Sleep is essential for healing, repair and detoxifying the body.  EMF’s, the eclectrosmog of cell phone’s, computers, televisions and wi-fi can zap the melatonin hormone needed for the sleep cycle so learning to unplug is vital to one’s cellular health.

Neti pot usage to flush out nasal cavities is a common Ayurvedic practice as “Neti” is actually Sanskrit for “nasal cleansing” which is relevant to remove irritants and sinus congestive allergens.  Using boiled water or distilled and sea salt to create a solution for irrigating the nasal airway.

Calming down any allergy response can be broken down into five easier steps:

Removing the culprits that cause inflammation within or which are recognized as an immune reactive response.

Replace the genetically modified or pesticide ridden foods, additives, preservatives, alcohols, dairy or sugar drinks and caffeine that cause the imbalances.

Rebuild your gut with immune boosting and supportive organ tissue foods and supplements.

Restructure your lifestyle to compliment you as an individual for better stress management and create the healthier habits to last a lifetime.

Rewire is to realize our thoughts and beliefs have influence over our cells optimal functioning and it takes an emotional mindset that is positive, upbeat and at peace.

It is possible to Thrive with vitality and age gracefully when we turn more to what God has provided us.  We must learn how to eliminate and correct the toxic overload that have become the underlying stressors.  We do have a choice by what we are consuming or not.  The air we breath may be more polluted but pollens from nature should be the least of our worries or causes for distress.


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Take Lack of Sleep More Seriously with These Stress Relieving Holistic Tips

The hormone Cortisol is activated by stress, sleep deprivation and even EMF(electromagnetic field) exposure.  Just a single night of improper sleep can raise cortisol levels by 45%!  Sleep is the time that the body recovers, repairs and regenerates as well as produces important hormones(in the liver) such as the ultimate anti-aging… human growth hormone.  Did you know, sleep is also the time that the brain flushes out neurotoxic waste products that s-l-o-w-s the body down, clouds the brain and contributes to a sugar-burning metabolism? 

restful-sleepYes, lack of a goods nights sleep not only disrupts the hormonal symphony, depresses the immune system by increasing markers for inflammation but also interferes with the ability to burn fat.

Managing stress both physical and mental can improve the guts permeability helping with leaky gut syndrome that predominantly leads to neurological disorders, allergies, auto-immune and general disease.  Getting ample sleep is something I can’t emphasize enough!  If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your hormones will not balance, healing will not take place, weight will not come off and the chance for disease manifests! 

A good nights sleep can single handedly improve you chance for living longer and stronger in your body.

Holistic Stress Relieving Tips:

Honoring your whole self by exercising more lowers cortisol levels by releasing serotonin in the gut, the “second brain” hardwired to help with stress which synchronously brings about better sleep. Sometimes we need reminding that invoking a relaxation response by receiving a massage, a Reiki session or other alternative healing therapies to calm the mind and body will simultaneously provide you with a  higher quality of sleep.

lavender31 You’re probably already aware of the calming constituents of lavender oil and while taking an epsom salt bath instilled with oils is a bit complex to accomplish each evening. Simply improve your quality of sleep by diffusing essential lavender oil before or during sleep. This stimulates the limbic system or emotional brain and effectively releases response chemicals for a deeper relaxation of body and mind.  You can safely put a few drops into the palm of the hand and breath in its distinct aroma or rub it directly on the bottom of your feet.  Another very effective combination is making a mixture of magnesium oil, Roman chamomile and lavender oils applied respectively over the body to resolve sleep issues or insomnia.

Minerals are among some of the many depleted components that help our body stay balanced and why magnesium might be a missing link thats responsible for more than 325 different enzymes in the body.  Foods are not only depleted of essential trace minerals, but our compromised digestive system might only digest a portion of this responsible mineral for hydration and relaxing our muscles. It’s also crucial for the deactivation of adrenaline that allows that sleepy state to overcome us, actually fall asleep and remain in sweet sugar-factslumber.  This is why taking a bath with epsom salts, using a magnesium oil or consuming a tasty powdered formula mixed with water for better absorption.   I suggest taking 400-500mg of magnesium before you go to sleep in a chelated form such as citrate, ascorbate, carbonate, glycinate, or ideally a mix of them as my clients would agree.

Food is information as certain foods can be metabolically vitalizing with their vitamin and mineral constituents. It is known when there’s mineral deficiencies in the body the thyroid is virtually affected.   If you understand that hormones are little chemical messengers delivered by the foods that sustain us and optimally regulate endocrine functioning. Eating the right foods can be empowering to the body and mind, but also why supplementation sometimes comes into play for providing balance to what every body needs.

Melatonin matters, a sleep-inducing hormone triggered by darkness and responsible for the circadian rhythm.  Its also a potent antioxidant that defends against free radicals and helps support glutathione activity needed for detoxification purposes being beneficial for scavenging free radicals.   Studies have linked it to prevent DNA damage by some what-is-melatonincarcinogens and stops the cancer mechanism by raising cytokines as well as supporting digestion,
the nervous system and improving anxiety.  Those with disrupted sleep cycles such as seniors, if you suffer from jet lag or those who work the night shift and even ADD individuals have benefited  from taking a sublingual peppermint lozenges that is dissolved in the mouth bypassing the digestive system and goes directly to the brain for a needed nighty night.

Remembering we are all individual, to live consciously and nourish the body daily with natural sources of whole foods that breakdown into the missing minerals that helps put the body in a healthier state.

A handful of protein and magnesium rich nuts like almonds, cashews or walnuts can deliver a dose of a valuable nutrition but remember to be mindful of chewing…the first stage of the digestive process and very necessary for assimilation.  Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about tumeric and golden milk?  Sipping your way to slumber with this protein based drink when using a nut based milk and combining the comforting spices that down regulate inflammation, improves blood pressure and insulin levels and ideally help you get a goods night sleep.

Try these sleeping beauties, tart cherries as they are rich in melatonin, antioxidants and highly anti-inflammatory as published in scientific literature from the National University of Natural Medicine.   Italian researchers discovered that when participants took 5 mg of melatonin at night before bed, they had increased HGH levels by up to 157 percent.   More easily, drink ¼ cup tart cherry juice diluted with 1 cup of water before bed or later in the evening. 

Comfort yourself with a cup of Chamomile tea before bedtime as some health experts say it can be more effective than sleep medications.  While scientists note that it contains Glycine that is known to act as a nerve relaxant and acts as a mild sedative.

Swiss cheese for shut-eye as it’s a good source of tryptophan. This amino acid triggers the release of melatonin that helps increase the amount of time you spend sleeping and also decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. That is if you are not dairy sensitive and if cheese is something you feel you can’t live without and crave daily…chances are, you are more than likely to have a dairy sensitivity or depleted of necessary minerals.

Oily fish like wild caught salmon and halibut that boasts with vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin, according to an article published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  While these omega 3 fatty acid foods help deter inflammation which is lacking in the standard American diet that supports the homeostasis of the body and mind for a goods nights sleep.

No joking about jasmine rice and this carbohydrate-rich grain that falls into a high-glycemic index(GI) rather than a lower -GI long grain rice.  I guess, I can’t argue with the findings in a relative study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. They found those who ate a meal with greater amounts of insulin producing jasmine rice actually increased the ratio of sleep inducing tryptophan relative to other amino acids in the blood.  This speculation suggested that more of this vital amino acid was allowed to get into the brain to boost better shut eye.

Maybe the most perfect snack is popcorn that is low in calories, packed wpopcornith slow digesting fiber while its carbohydrate source makes tryptophan an amino acid that’s conducive with sleep.  Most corn is genetically modified so choose organic and air pop for a healthy source that is now more readily available in supermarkets.  Make sure it has the GMO project label on the package to assure its authenticity of not being modified or sprayed with harmful pesticides.

Kudos for kale and other dark green leafy vegetables, such as arugula, dandelion and collards, also boast healthy doses of minerals and calcium. And research suggests that being calcium deficient may make it difficult to fall asleep.  Making smoothies and soups is a way to allow for better absorption as during these preparations the tough to digest fibers have already been pre-broken down so the digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard thus supporting the metabolic pathways.

There’s no better time than now for doing a spring cleanse to help boost healthier eating habits, reduce the inflammatory foods that create havoc and dis-ease.  Why not reset your metabolic engine to feel more vibrant, clear headed and balanced bringing on the necessary sleep routine your body and mind needs.

Can you feel it in the air?  Those silent but serious EMF waves that disrupt the pineal gland that orchestrates hormonal secretions including melatonin.  These high frequency fields affect the body on a biological level and increase cortisol levels. Put down the devices at least an hour before bed, turn off the television and open a good book instead.wifi-emfs

Constant exposure to this sea of positive ions that is known to cause chronic fatigue, decrease the body’s immune response and rob you of a good nights sleep because they are known to decrease blood and oxygen to the brain.  There’s one pink pearl of a charm that can reverse the effects of those positive ions that result in irregular sleep patterns. 

A Himalayan salt lamp works beautifully if kept in the bedroom to neutralize electromagnetic radiation by naturally emitting negative ions improving the quality of air you breathe.  There’s counterfeit versions out in the market and true air purifying one’s that actually will weep of salt so protecting the surface below it is important.

Try yogic breathing as I often relate back to ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda that’s based on the principle that balance and health is our natural state.  I share with you what yogi’s have long practiced, a simple alternative nostril breathing technique that balances brain function, calms the nervous system and mind.  Practice this effective exercise to put you to sleep so if you happen to wake in the middle of the night,it may quell the random thoughts and remedy tossing and turning.

  1. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and inhale through the left nostril.  Do this to the count of four seconds.
  2. Immediately close the left nostril with your right finger and little finger, and at the same time remove your thumb from the right nostril, and exhale through this nostril.  Do this to the count of eight seconds.  This completes a half round.
  3. Inhale through the right nostril to the count of four seconds.  Close the right nostril with your right thumb and exhale through  the left nostril to the count of eight seconds.  This completes one full round.
  4. Keep this repetitive alternating focus of counting and nostril breathing.  Start practicing by doing three rounds daily so you get the gist and sleep tight!!

Learning how to practice meditation to quiet the monkey chatter by concentrating on deeper breathing, letting go of random thoughts to find the zone of disconnectedness. This peaceful place of silence and just being has been researched for its known calming effect but a Yale University study found that “mindfulness meditation decreases activity in the default mode network (DMN), the brain network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts – a.k.a., “monkey mind.” To be able to dial down on worry about the past, future and ruminating thoughts can certainly be helpful to get more mind/body needed zzzz’s.


Wishing you peaceful slumbers,


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Natural Approaches to Give Your Heart Some Extra Loving

So many individuals have stepped up their game on taking preventative care for their cardiovascular system by making exercise more of a weekly routine.  Even cutting down on fatty fried foods, sugar or by increasing good sources of fiber as well as more whole foods.

Yet heart disease remains the #1 killer disease in America with the CDC(Center for Disease Control) reports every 42 seconds someone dies from some form of heart disease in the U.S. While one in every three lives with coronary vascular disease,  making it well ovheart-scaner 80 million people who present with unhealthy cholesterol levels.

As you’re probably aware, the cause is inflammation that activates an immune response which silently causes chronic challenges, tipping the balance of health.  With our circulatory system consisting of arteries, veins and capillaries that would extend for thousand of miles and responsible for bringing nutrients, oxygen while carrying out waste.  It’s working 24/7 in stealth mode as we go about our daily life and for which, we often take for granted.

Gluten, wheat and their lectins provoke an inflammatory response in everyone!  In about 80% of people they precipitate changes to the intestinal wall which then allows various compounds, food particles and bacteria along with their immune suppressing toxic components like lipopolysaccharides to enter the bloodstream.  This is why today individuals are more susceptible to diabetes, cardiovascular and auto immune disease.

Embracing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle thwarts the progression of chronicheart-healthy-foods diseases.  As the inflamed area in the cardiovascular system accumulates cholesterol, dead blood cells, minerals and larger protein particles like calcium that with time can become oxidized or calcified leading to a buildup of tissue.  Arteries become less flexible and narrower causing blockages or if plaque deposits break free in a critical area a heart attack or stroke will occur.  Another condition that is on the rise is peripheral vascular disease especially in diabetics, that which constricted inflamed arteries also limit the circulation to the extremities causing pain and tissue damage.

We now understand that lifestyle changes are key, as eating too much of the wrong things has left us sick, fat, undernourished and with leaking guts also known as leaky gut syndrome. Removing non-nutritional white flour products, sugar, processed foods, hydrogenated (trans fat)products, genetically modified food sources including gluten is the first step towards building a better you, but yet, research reveals how a compromised micro biome is how it begins.  Yes, you must heal your gut to heal your heart that could ultimately save your life.leaky-gut-shutterstock_98194682

The three main warning signs of silent inflammation that should be monitored: High blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar.  When these markers are ignored and  inflammation remains smoldering like an out of control fire that slowly brings the body out of balance, like the fire alarm continually going off and no one’s responding to the emergency call.  Blood tests should be taken on C-reactive protein, homocysteine markers, hemoglobin, a metabolic & lipid panel, plus a test for liver functioning.

Any deficiency of vital nutrients and minerals should be considered a warning sign that the gut is compromised especially if levels of vital D3 are low, which is responsible for keeping the junction gaps tightened in the small intestine.  If these gaps widen it is a sure sign that the inflammation is running amuck systemically.  If you present with debilitating Osteopenia and/or Osteoporosis, run down with iron deficient Anemia, battle with a compromised immune system suggesting zinc and vitamin C are insufficient or have any auto-immune disorder from thyroid to cancer its essential now to clean up your circulatory system.


When understanding the impact that prevention can have, the first simple changes that will improve cardiovascular health is to become more active, manage stress daily, all while consuming anti-inflammatory foods and increasing digestive health habits in the following manners:

  1. GO FOR THE GREENS, that includes lots of leafy greens, spinach, kale, arugula, dandelion, ocean and sea vegetables like dulse,  kumbo, wakeme, nori, chlorella, sprulina and algae that deliver necessary vitamins and mgreen-teainerals.  One of these being magnesium which is essential for heart and muscle function as its been proven to lower blood pressure all while reducing stress.  Not only will a daily dose of greens deliver energy but B vitamins have been shown to reduce homocysteine in the blood stream and help to build up a better gut flora.  I like to include green tea in this category as it has awesome compounds to not only reduce cholesterol but keep it from oxidizing.  Bottom line is that those who regularly drink green tea have been shown to lower their risk for cardiovascular disease up to 31%.
  2. ANTIOXIDANT UP to support the immune system with some citrus fruits like berries, kiwi’s and pomegranates.  Vitamin C is for circulatory rich fruits that help absorb the arterial fat accumulation, reduce oxidative stress, inflammation as well as peppers-for-health lowering blood pressure.
  3. ADD SOME SPICE TO YOUR LIFE with tumeric being well studied for its amazing inflammation reducing properties that will promote healthy circulation.  Cayenne pepper also good for the circulatory system giving the hearts pathways a cleansing. Digestively it lowers the bodies acidity and has detoxing properties as a bonus.
  4. FUEL UP ON FIBER at least 25-40 grams per day to improve on regularity and lowering cholesterol.  If you don’t eat enough soluble fiber then bile can build up in the body and repeatedly get re-circulated in our system becoming more concentrated with toxins that can lead to inflammation and immune related disorders including cancer.  The more fiber in the diet the less likely the liver will need to pull cholesterol out of the gall bladder and better for cleaning up that which is destructively within the blood.  As fiber helps the liver clear up fat-soluble waste it also deals let thy food be thy medicinewith excess estrogen that also gets dumped back into the bloodstream becoming the culprit which can stimulate the growth of abnormal cells.  High fiber diets of nutrient dense pseudo-grains like quinoa, buckwheat, millet and steel cut oats.  Lentils, beans, pea’s, almonds, and brazil nuts are examples of soluble fiber. One large pear has the highest soluble fiber content, with about 3 grams each. Apples, blueberries, plums, strawberries, fresh and dried apricots, bananas, oranges, cherries, dates, peaches,  cantaloupe, grapefruits, grapes and pineapple are all good sources of soluble fiber. Vegetables  like parsnips, carrots, brussels sprouts, spinach, squash, string beans, cabbage, baked sweet potato, turnips, broccoli, kale and zucchini all contain at least 1 gram of soluble fiber per serving so load up on these sources of whole foods.
  5. EMPHASIZE ON HEALTHY FATS that your metabolic engine needs.  Good sources liomega-3ke extra virgin olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, wild caught salmon, sardines, flax seeds, chia seeds and nuts.  These omega 3 fatty acid foods make red blood cells more slippery reducing the risk of clotting, nourishing the brain and they’re vital for quelling inflammation.  Most importantly, avoid the toxic trans fats, excess sugar, sweeteners and processed meats and foods in a box that contain genetically modified ingredients.  Look for the GMO project label for safe ingredients.
  6. OPT TO BOOST YOUR GUT FLORA as the guts micro-biome is essential for one’s overall health and well-being.  Acidophilus and Bifidus are essential flora for intestinal health to help with absorption, immune defenses and prevent any re-absorption of cholesterol from lower intestines, the overgrowth of candida yeast,
    digestive disorders to allergies and other pathogens.
  7. HELP YOUR HORMONES by knowing that food releases these chemical messengers, that are responsible for optimal functioning and balance to all the organs and systems of the body. By simply eating a diet of whole fresh foods that contains minimal packaging you can substantially reduce chemically laden foods and exposure to phthalates, BPA, and dioxins.  Our drinking water and the leaching of toxic plastic from water bottle usage is a bigger factor in disrupting hormones, growth factors, enzymes and more seriously modulate processes that cause cancer.  Excess estrogen enhances the risk for developing coronary artery disease and why xenoestrogen’s need to be on the watch list.  That means its not only what you put in your body, but also what you put on your body or inhale.  As personal care products, perfume, makeup, sunblocks and even laundry detergents chemicals can mimic estrogen(xenohormones) leading to elevated levels of recycled estrogen in the body. For women going thru menopause and simultaneously, the drop of good estrogen is what levels the playing field for women and men regarding heart disease risk.  Once the effects of naturally occurring hormones wears off, cholesterol can crystalize and blood vessels become stiffer because of a lack of our fountain of youth.  Menopause is the time of a woman’s life if one hasn’t already begun to take responsibility of creating healthier and sustainable  lifestyle habits. 
  8. POWER UP WITH POLYPHENOLS that come from the naturally occurring antioxidant substances from some amazing plants.  They increase the number of mitochondria found in all of our cells giving us vital energy, defend against oxidative stress especially as we age, help in DNA repair and they become a powerful fighter of inflammation and disease.  Scientists have discovered that resveratrol and a combination of other polyphenols(blueberries, muscadine grape, goji berries, pomegranates and other berry bearing plants) inhibit the formation of AGE proteins vivix-blog-picthat naturally occur with aging.  With a product known as Vivix that is said to be 13X more powerful than resveratrol alone it’s been studied to activate a key genetic regulator called Nrf2 that downgrades cellular stress and strongly impacts the aging process.  Who doesn’t want to age more gracefully?  So power up your defenses with more polyphenols by boosting your antioxidant nutrients like vitamin C, E and selenium(gotta love, brazil nuts for this) while consuming a healthier plant based diet.
  9. GOT GARLIC, if not, you might want to include this gem that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol,  increases white blood cells and has properties that are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
  10. BETTER “B” SURE because of our compromised and leaky guts due to the American diet, stress, the consumption of carby snack foods, alcohol, too much sugar intake, medications and lack of good bacteria it’s recommended to take a vitamin B complex to promote a healthier cardiovascular system especially if you’re not a big plant based eater or like myself, prefer to supplement daily with a powdered supergreen food.  This berry tasting supergreen powder is a real winner and can be found here.
  11. REMEMBER YOUR REDS and I’m not referring to a  full bodied merlot although there’s one glass I do enjoy and used to give pomegrantemyself consent being its comprised with antioxidant rich grapes.  I’m talking…pomegranates, tomatoes, cherries, strawberries, beets, red or chili peppers that all contain compounds that support protecting pathways to the heart.
  12. COQ10 FOR THE COMPROMISED CARDIOVASCULAR INDIVIDUALS as its been linked and medically acknowledged that Coenzyme Q10 is vital for heart health and used in treatment for congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, angina and arrhythmia to help produce heart pumping mojo to its cells and other major organs.


Nourish harmony within for good health from my heart to yours.




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Remedy Stress this Season and Hack into Anti-aging!

Cortisol is a steroid hormone released under stress; it helps to regulate blood sugar and will act like an anti-inflammatory as it does when there’s an allergic response.  Too much of anything can be bad as it is with prolonged stress.  Cortisol can break down muscle tissue and cause you to hold onto or even increase body fat.  It will increase blood pressure, disrupt liver detoxification and may put a surge in your appetite making you crave sugars all while contributing to obesity. 

Another not so pleasant affect of cortisol is it becomes an immunosuppressant-weakening your immunity, decreasing your ability to fight bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.  Your bodies highest regard is keeping your immune system in check.  When your internal armed forces are doing their very best at fighting invaders, your other systems, organs and functions are affected.  When an invader like a virus enters the body, it responds by sending out a type of white blood cell called Natural Killer (NK) cells. They are to seek and destroy cells infected by viruses and cancer cells.  But under prolonged stress, cortisol suppresses the NK cells allowing viruses to take hold and cancer cells to survive.  This is why individuals under constant stress have outbreaks of infections, shingles, colds and diagnosis of cancer. stressometer

Stress needs to be managed as it will mess with your hormones…as one of its main chemicals cortisol is responsible for ripping more holes in the gut.  Whether it be from nutritional stress, environmental stress, external or emotional stress like even simply worrying about a stressful situation, it’s all the same to your body.  Dealing with stress is critical on all levels.


SLEEP IN HEAVENLY PEACE…comes first and foremost and getting the recommended seven to eight hours is best for most to rejuvenate the adrenals.  Getting into the habit of being in bed by 10pm latest in order to be in that deep REM sleep by midnight  is important so the adrenal glands can replenish.  Try winding down before bed without the devices that emit electromagnetic waves which disrupt the natural melatonin production needed for even more than a good nights slumber.  A sublingual melatonin lozenges that gets absorbed into the bloodstream quicker might help remedy a sleep issue.  Enjoy a warm herbal bath infused with lavender oil that will lift the mental and physical tension that hinders the mind and muscles. 

For those that can not quiet the monkey chatter that might disrupt a good nights sleep can try yogic breathing.  I love sharing this technique with my clients, that which yogi’s have long practiced; a simple alternative nostril breathing technique that balances brain function, calms the nervous system and mind.  When you wake in the middle of the night, try this exercise as it may quell the random thoughts and help you get some healthy sleep.

  1. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and inhale through the left nostril. Do this to the count of four seconds.
  2. Immediately close the left nostril with your right ring finger and little finger, and at the same time remove your thumb from the right nostril, and exhale through this nostril. Do this to the count of eight seconds. This completes a half round.
  3. Inhale through the right nostril to the count of four seconds. Close the right nostril with your right thumb and exhale through the left nostril to the count of eight seconds. This completes one full round.

By the time most seek help they already are in adrenal exhaustion or burnout so taking a sleepy time “stress cocktail” of adaptogens with cordyceps like rhodiola or with neurotransmitters of GABA and 5HTP can be what it takes to help one feel refreshed upon waking and no longer dragging

FIX STRESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS…examine all the close relationships in your life and figure out how you can improve them?  This is not so easy as it takes two to tango, but ask yourself these questions; “are you trapped in an unhappy or unhealthy
partnership” and its important to be honest as maybe seeking therapy would be helpful?  Surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family is vital to 
emotional well-being which  is crucial to happiness and health.  We are social beings so stay connected my friends to those that lift your spirits.

ADD ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TOOLS TO YOUR NEXT MEDITATION…for added relaxation and stress reduction.  As numerous scientific studies have found meditation to be one of the most effective way to soothe anxiety. One recent study¹, published by the Psychological Bulletin, combines the results of 163 different studies to show a positive correlation between mindfulness and meditation techniques for anxiety, uplifting your mood, calming your mind while diminishing anxiety and stress.

Using energy healing tools like essential oils and healing crystals while meditating changes your energy from anxious to grounded at a faster rate as the positive earth energy and the uplifting aroma’s trigger positive responses in your body. Besides the energetic component, having the weight and texture in your hands shifts your focus from your anxiety to the way the crystals feel in your hands. 

While specific essential oils like lavender, frankincense, rosemary which is also supportive of the adrenals and citrus oils such as lemon, wild orange and bergamot  all to help promote balance to the nervous system.  Emotional and physiological tensiolavender-bottlen can be especially damaging to bodily system and act as a prime promoter of acid formation in the body.  By boosting your emotional limbic system via inhalation of therapeutic essential oils can revitalize the mind.  Simply by diffusing the air around or putting a couple of drops into the palm of the hand and with a circular motion, activate, cup in front of your face and breathe in the aroma feeling your mood elevate almost instantaneously.

Again, you’ve learned that your body will prioritize resources to meet with specific demands of stress. When faced with fight or flight, your body prepares to do battle or run away, two actions that require energy needing fuel right now!

When bombarded with extreme stress, the body first looks for required nutrients, but if none are found, it gets fuel from organs that aren’t necessary for survival.  The adrenal glands become affected even under mild stimulation.

Nature never intended for our adrenals which pump out adrenalin, cortisol, and other hormones that affect our heart rate, lungs, circulation, metabolism and immune system to be in revved up state that is always on.  Homeostasis begins to send the nutrients back to support balance in all systems of the body, but it can’t replenish soon enough.  They are taken quickly and this deficit accumulates over time. 

Gradually, you begin to show signs of chronic stress – AKA premature aging;

  • Your blood sugar levels becomes more difficult to control
  • Your arteries begin to clog up with cholesterol and other larger protein particles
  • Your muscle mass begins to melt away and obesity or weight loss happens
  • Enzymes in your cells begin to turn off affecting digestion and metabolism
  • What we can call caramelized sugars begin to damage your brain and nerves
  • You can’t think clearly, sleep and anxiety or depression might dampen your moods
  • Most recognizable, you have no energy, just fatigue and feel like crap

Aging gracefully is all about feeding your body with what it needs- nutrients and minerals from whole foods and supplements to combat stress. The more nutrients you have “on board”, the less fuel your body will have to steal during a crisis. With the proper nourishment and superfoods, you will be able to resist the relentless killer that stress has become in our society.

EAT YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS…adding oily fish, eggs, bee products and combining plant based sources of protein including rice and beans along with a variety of seeds and nuts, seasonal vegetables, leafy greens and avocado’s to your diet means that you’ll naturally increase nutrients and minimize the need to take supplements or anti-depressants.  Research shows the inclusion of B vitamins, essential amino acids and fatty acids play a significant role to improve both physical and mental stress.

EFA’s(Essential Fatty Acids)…help your body produce hormones that romega-3egulate heartbeat, blood pressure, blood clotting, fertility and encourage your body to fight inflammation and infections.  The body uses EFA’s to repair cell membranes, absorb nutrients and expel harmful wastes which is prevalent with the typical Western diet that is largely made up of processed foods, genetically modified products and hard to digest food combining.

When the digestive system receives too much acid forming foods, many naturally occurring nutrients that are in the foods are destroyed.  This is why people that look “well-fed” can and usually are nutrient deficient.  Plus when your body is too loaded with acid waste, it can’t effectively absorb vitamins and nutrients regardless of the source.  So you’re left with nutritional deficiencies and feeling STRESSED OUT because your body is starved for nutrients even while you may be supplementing or eating a ton of food. 

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES TO ENHANCE digestion, absorption and a assimilation can be a huge stepping stone into balancing the metabolic muck you may be experiencing.  “Enzymes are chemicals that break down the larger packets of sugars and starches, proteins, or fats into small amounts that your body can use,” and normally produced from the pancreas to the digestive tract.  Remember stress highly affects the gastrointestinal system and Dr. Greenwald claims “There are lots of enzymes that you need to lead a healthy life,”.

FOODS FOR RELAXATION…are those high in carbohydrates, certain minerals and the amino acids such as tryptophan which the body converts to serotonin and melatonin.  Lentils and banana’s are good sources of tryptophan, magnesium and potassium which all promote relaxation.  Cherries are high in melatonin and a good anti-inflammatory source and one in which I recommend to my clients to drink an ounce of organic tart cherry juice nightly.  Potatoes, carrots and white rice can also promote better sleep when eaten before bed and helpful to those that are hypoglycemic.  It can be counter productive by eating too much if the body’s digestive efforts could negatively affect your sleep quality.

BREW UP SOME TEA…but for helpful benefit of the amino acid, L-theanine making it from organic green tea or kombucha will aid in lowering the physiological responses to stress.  Green tea has been studied to beat the blues as published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in December 2009 as well as Japanese researchgreen-teaers found that those who sipped four cups or more daily less symptomatic of depression.  Technically L-theanine helps boost mood and improve cognition as it works by increasing levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure-seeking behaviors.  It is available in capsule form, but the other compounds found in tea’s have other immune and metabolic boosting properties that incorporating a cup a day can bring more than just mindful balance to the body. 

If you haven’t heard of Kombucha before, it is a living health drink made by fermenting tea, sugar and a scoby culture.  This tea tastes tangy, something between sparkling apple cider and fizzy soda depending on what kind of tea and how long its been brewing.  It is known as “The Tea of Immortality” that dates back to the Tsin Dynasty of China from 221 BC.

OH HOLY BASIL… has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to calm the body by reducing elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while having antioxidant properties and also act as an anti-inflammatory.  This comes in forms of a tea known as Tulsi(Ocimum tenuiflorum), tinctures, capsules or my favorite- essential oil to breathe in the wonderful aroma for relaxation or applying it to tight and taught tissues.

FORGO THE CUP OF JOE…as caffeinated coffee used to stimulate the body to produce energy that the adrenals already used up is like non-stop borrowing of money you don’t have.  The adrenals can begin to shut down and blood sugar imbalance kicks in, only to crave sugars.  It can also cause dehydration to the lymphatic system, irritates the intestines with more mucosal congestion causing stress on many systems in the body when you need to be convincing the body/ mind that there’s no emergency and all is good.

OUR THOUGHTS SHAPE OUR REALITY…and keeping a gratitude journal helps encourage positive and appreciative messages to the brain rather than dwelling on negative one’s. I believe that in order to change anything to enable us to be truly happy, we first need to change the way we feel about ourselves and how we see the world around us.  Whether you are working towards a career change, a new relationship or improving your health it starts with the way you feel inside.put-gratitude-at-the-top-of-your-intention

Everyday write down 5 things you are grateful for and begin to increase the numbers until you have 25.  What you focus on the most becomes your experience.  As you shift your focus for all that you are grateful you will learn how much control we have over feeling better!

Unfortunately, gratitude doesn’t always come naturally — that’s why we must choose and practice gratitude daily. Of course, we want to positively impact others with a gracious attitude, but you may be asking yourself, how does gratitude influence our personal lives?   Well, gratitude is proven to make people happier, less anxious, and more energized. Maybe because grateful people are more forgiving, confident, and charitable! 

DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP…releasing judgment about something you’ve said, done or second guessed about can negatively cause a blockage.  Especially for mom’s in regards to parenting, who look to help their families and want nothing but the best for them, may continually run that mental thought loop over and over again.  Stop the judgmental jargon for whatever problem you’re feeling guilty about, release it and let it go.

It may take more than resonating with a thought to release it a cellular level, but it may take actual spoken words to erase the guilty vibes along with writing the specific reason down on a piece of paper, stating what it is and that it no longer exists.  Confidently say it, repeat it and you can try the crumple and throw it into the trash technique.

MOVE THOSE MUSCLES…whether it’s by picking up those weights, putting one foot in front of the other or dedicating a time slot at the gym or yoga studio those chemicals in our brain, like serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are stimulated during exercise and naturally reduce stress.  John Ratey, author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain says “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning, even 10 minutes of activity changes your brain.”

let-your-bodyA relative study from the University of California-This is your brain on exercise, showed that people who exercised (vigorously) an average of 45 minutes over a 3 day time period, had cells that showed fewer signs of aging then those of inactive women. Make a sustained, high intensity sweaty activity the drug of choice as it can reduce symptoms of depression just as effectively as antidepressants.  BUT be sure to use exercise and movement to compliment, not replace any treatment for depression.

The abdominal and core of the body is usually an area that needs to be kept toned as I know its my weak area after four children.  Various high intensity interval training moves are effective in targeting key area’s of the body all at once which helps us keep our girly shape by building up muscle mass.   And yay to this study of one of my favorites- three yoga sessions a week boosted levels of GABA in the brain, improving anxiety and mood, but especially as we age stretching becomes a necessity. 

GET OUT OF HERE AND GET OUTSIDE…literally speaking, make exercise fun and find something you enjoy doing even if it’s just getting outside to walk as mentally there’s nothing so refreshing as being in nature.  That sunshine vitamin D is our friend for many reasons it supports numerous systems in our body to make our being healthier.13254107_10153529368146512_6157654800333516174_n

TOSS TOXINSLet’s recap the three factors that lead the body into a disease state;  first any trauma or stress that sets off our genetic vulnerability, environmental triggers which cause inflammation, AKA gut permeability and emotions or beliefs that can manifest mentally inhibiting our cellular functioning.

Begin to ditch the house cleaning products, air fresheners, laundry detergents that get beneath our skin and into the bloodstream within hours,  personal care products that are xenoestrogens tipping the hormonal scale and most of all become more label savvy and know what you are consuming or putting onto your body was it all has its effects.

LET LAUGHTER LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD…make a conscious effort to laugh at the small stuff, during times of strife or when life’s bad times keep showing up. Use laughter as the medicine to open the heart chakra, letting love and light in, changing your perspective, and enabling you to fix your attention on what is positive in life.  When we laugh heartily(that childhood belly laughter) at life’s ridiculousness instead of responding irritably, our focus shifts.  Let laughter echo happiness into the core of your being, to permeate every cell in the physical self so that it radiates outward until its uninhibited laughter from within.  Anger, guilt, fear and sadness will melt away, no longer wielding the stressful influence over us and shutting down that stream of wielding cortisone 

As it’s easy to laugh when all is good, but when things are dim or depressed this is when we need to nourish our soul with whole-body laughter to allow its energetic benefits to stimulate the mind, exercise the muscles and lungs leaving us feeling relaxed and content.  During shared experiences with strangers and loved ones alike let laughter be the food of the soul stimulating our senses and elevating our vibrations radiating joy and peace.

For optimal physiological functioning and hacking the aging process…food matters, digestion matters, inflammation matters but STRESS might matter most!

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Thanksgiving, a day filled with gratitude, people who matter the most and then there’s   the feast, but it shouldn’t be a day with just one big meal.  Sending starvation signals to the brain and then putting blood sugar uptake in overload is a rollercoaster ride that can send your hormones off its tracks.

Keeping your blood sugar balanced is about beginning the day with a fiber and protein rich meal.  Food is nourishment to the cells, tissues, body and brain if the choices you make are filled with a range of phytonutrients and minerals.  Nutrients control the function of every enzyme reaction in the body which then become the critical catalysts for how optimally your body will perform its job to stay balanced and healthy. 

Enzymes come from raw foods and are one of thousands of proteins created from your DNA that help you function optimally or if inadequately supported your core system can result in illness, mental disorders and weight gain.probiotics_uses_greenmedinfo1

We are what we eat, but more what we digest! 

To aid in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates this celebratory day of giving thanks, a complex digestive enzyme may be helpful to assist in the breakdown of foods so that your metabolic engine stays revved.  As we age, inflammation and lifestyle can deplete these very vital co-factors and can be one of the missing keys to imbalance within.

Now more on the meal…

Let’s get an idea on how that turkey dinner can boost your mood.  For example serotonin, a neurotransmitter which is basically produced in the gut is known as your happy and calming hormone.  We don’t eat serotonin but it gets produced from the amino acid tryptophan that comes from the protein that most will carve into on Thanksgiving.  The essential elements needed to perform these conversions is vitamin B12 or B6(pyridoxine). 

What if there’s a deficiency of this other critical component-no happy mood and the result could be depression or a host of other potential problems.  This could potentially be a methylation problem for some who’s gene’s are not created equal, too much GI inflammation but for most it trickles down to a lack of better choices.

It’s all about the proper balance and delivery of proteins, healthy fats and friendly carbohydrates  approximately every four hours can keep you from going into that blood sugar surge and energy dive.

Highly Nutritious TOP Choices…

Yes to cultured yogurt, also known as Kefir and Amasai to help nurture the digestive tract, aiding in digestion and purging the bad bacteria out.  It contains calcium a good protein source and omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation and CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid) to help burn the fat. Again these cultures should be organic or grass fed processed and mindful of being raw, free of the harmful protein called bet-casein A1. Plus with all the other vital immune boosting minerals it can be 300-500% more nutrient rich that cows fed corn and grain.  As long as it is plain and void of added sugars and honey like plain Greek yogurt that rates a 12 on the glycemic index score which is relatively low making for a good choice to add to smoothies, or a mid-day snack.  A misconception about store bought yogurt being a probiotic enhancer is that the pasteurization kills off those essential good bacteria’s taking away the efficacy of its beneficial bacteria.

Make more of your morning count by turning on the skillet and preparing a veggie omelet or have more sautéed greens and a soft boiled egg with a side of vital omega-3’s.  Aside from controlling your gene function, regulating your immune system, boosting your brain power and improving your metabolism essential fatty acids are the key component for communicating messages across the cells membranes.

Real sources of these omega-3 fats are from fatty, cold-water wild fish or game, nuts, seeds, avocado’s, seaweeds, algae, coconut, olive or cod liver oil and eggs hatched from vegetarian fed organic chickens. These are all anti-inflammatory fats, which mean they put out the smoldering fires in your body preventing you from burning fat.  Incorporate a serving or two with each meal so they will fill you up faster while speeding up your fat burn mechanism.

You’ve heard the saying butter is better, but now you know why, but did you also know it’s actually grass-fed butter that is so much higher than grain-fed butter in omega-3 fatty acids, CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid), beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, vitamin E, and antioxidants. You can actually see the difference in the colors of the butter where butter that is coming from sick, nutrient depleted sources lacks the sunny yellow

Grass-fed butter is nutrient dense having more carotenes than carrots and is high in butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid. Studies have proven that butyrate can both prevent and decrease inflammation in humans and is believed to help protect against mental illness, increase metabolism, and improve gut health.

So go for a slab or a dab of grass-fed butter in your coffee, topped off with a good dusting of cinnamon as studies have shown that as little as a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can significantly reduce fasting blood glucose levels while balancing insulin sensitivity.

Do you want to try the most delicious cup of java? I begin my day with a bullet proof cup of coffee, Yes you read right, I’m a Nutritional Health Coach and Holistic Practitioner who enjoys the taste of a good cup of caffeine. While not for the need of a wake up call, but a foodie that loves quality and knows it’s all fulfilling.

First our bodies need healthy fats that help boost our metabolism.  Medium chain triglycerides(MCT’s) are a special class of fat that produce molecules that fuel your brain instead of glucose.  These molecules are called ketones that chemically put you into ketosis.  This is when and how fast the body burns fat instead of carbs for a cleaner burning source of fuel that will enhance its efficiency. 

Caprylic acid is a source of this medium chain that converts ketones within minutes, making it very powerful for suppressing hunger and fueling your brain.  This flavorless, odorless liquid is easily digested in the stomach and it synergistically enhances the absorption of the good constituents organic coffee possesses. 

Not all coffee is created equal as most contain mycotoxins causing more inflammation, stress on the adrenals while taking your body on a see saw ride.  As you get low on energy, your stomach and intestines send a powerful little messenger called ghrelin up to your brain. When this hormone gets to the brain, it starts to demand more fuel. Ghrelin’s nicknamed the “hunger hormone” because it’s largely responsible for the sensation of hunger. Your stomach keeps pumping out more and more of this hormone until you eat and then begins to slow down until CCK(Cholecystokinin) tells the brain its full.  MCT’s turn into ketones and suppress ghrelin the growling hunger hormone and enhances CCK.

The result could be going from a sugar burner to a fat burner as you stay satiated and energized for hours on a small amount of MCT oil not only increasing your metabolic rate but decreasing the amount of fat you store.

Say good morning also with oatmeal, it has beta-glucan fiber that helps sweep cholesterol out from the digestive tract and slows the breakdown of glucose into insulin.  This time of year, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of gluten free steel cut oats(not a prepackaged, sugar laden container).

Now think nuts,  almonds, walnuts, brazil, cashew’s and pistachio’s.  They are power packed sources of protein, raw and unsalted equals a healthy unsaturated fat with fiber to stabilize blood sugar levels. Be careful here, as nuts are also packed with plenty of calories so substitute a small handful as opposed to a higher carbohydrate food like croutons(stuffing) or pretzels and chips.

Sprinkle them on your oatmeal, yogurt or nibble on them for a healthier snack.  For added creaminess consider almond, cashew or coconut milk without the added sugar which makes for another winning anti-inflammatory choice other than dairy. 

My three top super-seed choices are flax, hemp and chia seeds.  High in protein and loaded with fiber and rich in omega-3 fatty acids to counter inflammation, a great source of vitamin B’s, high in fiber and low in carbs making them a great go to for those who want to fill up by feeling fuller longer.flax-chia-and-hemp

Flax seeds  are very high in lignan’s which means they have beneficial estrogen and antioxidant qualities and can easily be sprinkled on your morning oatmeal, added to a smoothie or baked into a nutritious granola for those who like a crunch. 

How about hemp…today it’s recognized as one of the most nutritious plant food sources packed with pure digestible protein, essential fatty acids(omega-3’s and 6’s), a multitude of minerals, B’s, antioxidants, phospholipids and GLA(gamma linoleum acid)an amino acid that supports brain health and just like chia seeds will help your body absorb fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K and CoQ10.

Wow, chia seeds are very high in fiber, with a whopping 11 grams per ounce and one serving can help boost the daily intake of needed fiber according to the American Dietetic Association.  Fiber just doesn’t fill you up, it is an absolute essential for your body’s ability to detoxify and both flax and chia seeds can be used as a natural laxative for this reason.  There is more calcium available in a single serving of these seeds then from a normal serving of dairy which only has its adverse effects, creating more excess mucus and inflammation.

Let the feast happen making sure your sides that you are indulging in are proportionately greater with more glorious greens, cruciferous vegetables; like brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale and cauliflower than the more glycemic loaded baked potatoes and the blood sugar boosting buns.

top-8-green-leafyGo get your greens on…spinach, arugula, kale, chard, collard or other leafy one’s are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients all of which have virtually no impact on your blood sugar levels and help your hormonal and digestive health.  Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution calls leafy greens “free foods”, meaning you may eat as many of them as you can.  As the bonus is the fiber in
which leafy greens slows absorption of any carbohydrate(ex. sweet potatoes, quinoa)they’re paired with in a meal to maintain a lower glycemic load

Are you a Legume lover or go bonkers for beans?  Maybe you need to learn to love your lentils and let beans help balance your blood sugar.  Lentils and chickpeas contain a good amount of resistant starch which is like nutrition for the probiotic bacteria in the colon.  They are satisfying because as they travel down thru the gastrointestinal tract without breaking down becoming fuel for the cells until it reaches the colon.  With both their soluble and insoluble dietary fiber which turns into a gel-like consistency during digestion, not affecting blood sugar only helping the colon to rebuild, repair and replenish itself.  The same for beans that are resistant to getting into the bloodstream too quickly allowing bacteria to make a meal from the formed beneficial fatty acids promoting better use of the insulin and creating healthier colon cells.  Adding them into your favorite salads, soup, dip or entree.

Quinoa, another plant protein that’s considered a super grain.  Being that it has all of at the essential amino acids the body needs to build protein molecules while being a whole grain with germ, endosperm and bran intact slowing down its conversion into glucose yet delivering a host of nutrients and healthy fat to help fill up completely.  This powerhouse mixes up well with nuts, squashes, vegetables, legumes, beans, herbs and tossed using extra virgin olive oil to make this a side dish of choice.

farmers-market-hummusHow do you feel about Hummus?  While this Middle Eastern specialty should become an American staple for its 12 grams of dietary fiber and perfect protein content(15 grams) per cup.  This alone helps regulate the absorption of sugars from the starch and the healthy fats from the tahini(made from ground sesame seeds) and olive oil slows it down even more.  Put this on your table or pair it with an assortment of raw vegetables.

So the Scandinavian in me says open up a can of sardines to snack on or fill up your plate with essential sources of fat and protein needed to slow down absorption of blood sugars while protecting your cardiovascular system, which irregular blood sugar fluctuations can damage. 

Hot air organic popped corn wins the kid choice award in my family, just don’t forget to drizzle on the butter, some nutritional yeast and if you want to kick up your metabolism add a dash of hot sauce.  Three cups contain more than 3 grams of fiber, it’s cholesterol free with almost zero fat, very few calories and a low glycemic index food-there you have the perfect snack.

Of course, we know that there is more to the benefits of food choices than its impact on blood sugar.  Science has revealed how the microbiota has a significant role in metabolism and its benevolent relationship to the inner eco-system enhancing the microbiomes strains required for digestion.

Feeding your micro biome with resistant starch, means cooking boiled potatoes and letting them cool.  While potatoes can make you fat when baked and fried this is not true for whole plain boiled potatoes.  This fiber like substance can help you lose weight by curbing your appetite.  Evidence points to this partly mediated protein in potatoes called protease inhibitor 2 has a beneficial effects on appetite hormones while only impacting the glycemic scale by half of a baked white or sweet potato.

There’s a scale called the satiety index which measures the ability of certain foods to cause fullness while lowering one’s consumption of calories during a meal.  Yay to the yummy organic yams  which carry an even lower inducer of blood sugar stimulants. 

We’ve also learned that the same food affects all differently as we are all bio-individual beings.  Food goes way beyond how it makes us feel and look,  as its information, energetic and completely complex in how it synergistically works internally that we are now beginning to understand. 

Optimally supporting our immune system with needed antioxidants, essential fatty acids, enzymes and minerals comes only from eating raw super sources of foods that nature has provided us.  Berries are the lowest on the glycemic index scale, but the best source of antioxidant power so make these fiber rich gems a daily part of your day.  It’s recommended 20 to 35 grams per day and make for a great snack between meals or sweeten up your smoothie with these sugar swapping beauties. 

There hasn’t been any testing to specifically validate how one’s glycemic load will help suppress the appetite, but to keep insulin levels balanced when the sweet tooth
craving occurs or insulin levels drop its the healthier choice that matters. 

bee-pollenI hear testimonies from many individuals on a single serving of bee pollen, that even though it has a significantly low glycemic rating which gives a bigger between meal punch for killing the hunger pangs. Bee pollen has a superfoods nutritional profile with its very highly bioactive sources of enzymes, minerals, amino and fatty acids delivering life energy protein to sustain balance boosting how the body functions.

We also know that blood sugar instability comes in the form of insulin resistance and diabetes as well as reactive hypoglycemia.  It’s the autonomic nervous system and associated individualized differences in enzymatic innervation that will dictate whether one person thrives on a higher vegetarian carb diet or another prefers a paleo lifestyle.

One thing is for certain no one can tank on honoring an anti-inflammatory diet and most can feel the difference in a matter of weeks by making lifestyle choices that deliver fibers  and foods which are not genetically modified and organic in nature.

Happy mindful eating,


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38c015d0-ec5f-4518-9330-843a14f01e3cCellular detoxification through special cleansing is the best way to assist your body’s natural self-cleaning system. It is especially important for immune-compromised diseases like hypothyroid, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, arthritis, diabetes, chronic fatigue or even if you suffer with allergies your gut is compromised and needs to heal.

However, even if your diet is basically good, like myself a seasonal cleanse does the body and mind good.  It will revitalize all of your systems and rid your body from the harmful bacteria and silent toxins that permeates the cells and tissues tipping us out of balance.

Every one of us is a complex biochemical structure in which every factor affects every other cellular or chemical  factor in an endless synergistic loop.  Sometimes this synergy works against us when negative thoughts impair our health; poor health can breed negative thoughts.  For some if  your health gets worse, your thoughts become blurred and bleaker; as your thoughts get bleaker, you move less, crave more sugar, and simultaneously send more STRESS hormones coursing through your veins.  You feel even sicker . . . and your thoughts turn to toxic beliefs spiraling your body and mind further down into depression and disease.

My Top Reasons to Cleanse include:

1. Digestion

The soup of chemicals in the personal-care products we use to the processed and genetically modified foods we eat can make digestion difficult while love-your-gutmessing with our microbiota and metabolism. A Cellular Cleanse addresses this issue head on by removing irritating foods and products and adding in all that supports the guts integrity, improving digestion and the vital absorption factor.

2. Energy and Mental Clarity

As we turn inward during the 21 Day Nourishing the Whole Self Cleanse protocols shifts us away from hard-to digest foods and toxic irritants. This way of cellular cleansing allows for a surplus of renewed thinking and energy that is now available as proper nourishment pushes in thru the cell walls and out with toxins as brain fog, depression, fatigue fad away and mental clarity is awakened.

3. Mood

Many of us depend on stimulants like coffee and sugar and depressants like alcohol to help balance our changing moods. Seriously, sugar in almost every packaged product- look for it and you will find it. It may come with different labels – cane, sugar, high fructose sugar, fructose – it’s all sugar and a supersensory stimulant. By removing these items and trust me on this one and other’s before you, it’s not that difficult. After the fourth/fifth day your tastebuds reset your cells become recharged – it’s called the food and mood cure.

4. Weight Loss

21-day-cleanse-transformationThere are many reasons why weight loss happens during this whole foods cleanse. When you transform your diet, you remove the foods that are inflammation producing creating mucous, insulin overloading and water retaining. The cravings reduce so there is less emotional eating and more nourishing nutrient dense foods that actually fill you up. But here’s the most important reason: This Cellular Cleanse helps deal with our toxic fat burden and aids weight loss by supporting your body’s detox pathways while helping you melt away the STRESS that can hinder any weight release attempt.

5. Discover Which Foods Work for You

During the Post Week or Reintroduction phase, you’ll be able to test key inflammatory trigger foods, like dairy, wheat and gluten, to discover which foods your body still might be causing an immune response being yet too sensitive, that still don’t work well for you. Using this knowledge, you’ll be ready to create your own personalized food plan that provides nourishment NOT inflammation.98ab2fd2-cd3c-43ae-9a46-b914f2128c78

6. Simple Structure

I’ve incorporated the idea of the Whole Self Cleanse even more so that it will truly resonate,redesign, replenish and rewire your body and mind. This program will help you look deeper at all in which prevents you from feeling your very best allowing you to boost all your health systems so you can THRIVE!

7. Balance

This program will look at and address STRESS and those other toxic barriers below the surface-stuck negative thoughts or emotional beliefs, s6a12499d-eb59-4511-9a26-7c8cdaa493b6elf-doubting or limiting thinking, poor sleep, feelings of disconnect and/or a lack of movement and flow. Better health equals greater happiness and as you increase your vibrational flow, clear the clutter – you are also bringing your body into better balance and you become your own best healer.

8. Long-Term Planning

Together the support this Whole Self Cleanse offers you to build healthy daily habits and allows you to discover which foods don’t work best for you and the one’s in which help you to THRIVE!   When you put together the recipes, clean habits, and lifestyle tools you will learn during this cleanse, you’ll have a powerful long-term health plan fit for your life.

9. Discovering Deeper Issues

Each day our bodies continually battle against the inflammatory and toxic foods we consume. Burdened all the time, we may not notice certain health challenges until it’s too late. For many people, this Whole Self Cleanse helps to discover what’s really going on in there – it involves awakening your inner guru and getting in touch with your own inner compass. What if you are already challenged by Auto-Immune issues? It’s probably the perfect time to stop settling for less than what you deserve out of life.  And you deserve a healthy, pain-free, energetic, and beautiful body — at ANY age! .

10.  Amazing Support

I’m committed to supporting you every step of the way – daily inspirational posts, resources, connections and tools for support on all levels of your body, mind and spirit.  My holistic coaching through communication via daily and weekly emails and a vibrant online community to guide you before and during the cleanse.Gramm Photography

As you know; what you put into anything you will get out…it’s time to love and honor your whole self, every single cell self!

A one hour call that will answer everything you wanted to know about my 21 Day Nourishing the Whole Self Cleanse! 

Register here today and get on our teleconference call set for October 24th,  @ 8pm EST.   

For any additional questions or concerns contact me at or visit my website for more details.

To your health and happiness,


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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Our health is directly influenced by our Immune System for which there is only one disease.  That is the malfunctioning of our cells.  Together with the lack of vital nutrients and our everyday compilation and exposure to toxins that weaken the immune system. 

It is strongly influence by the intake of phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, enzymes and minerals which the Standard American Diet is lacking.  Food matters because it can be the most powerful and proactive form of health insurance or the poison that makes us sick.

If food is a fundamental tool for healing, not just calories, or a source of energy, but as science reveals – food is information.  It contains instructions that communicate messages to your genes, hormones, gut flora, immune system and in actuality to every system of your body and mind.

Our bodies take it all in and it might fill a hunger void while tackling the junk, processed, refined foods full of sugar and chemicals, additives, preservatives, growth hormones and environmental toxins. All these genetically modified foods, medications can not be metabolized but they get stored in our organs and tissue’s while inflaming the gut walls weakening the immune system and confusing its cellular response.

The cells in the immune system have the ability to recognize something as either “self” or  “invader”, and will try to get rid of anything that is an invader. In contrast, sickly-personautoimmune diseases result from a hyperactive immune system attacking normal tissues as if they were foreign invading organisms. Natural nutritive forces, like healing foods and herbal medicines can and do support the immune system. By investing in a period of time to rebuild immunity, reduce inflammation then health can be naturally restored and disease disappears.

“The long term effects of the breakdown of the immune system can be seen in increased infections, auto-immune disorders and tumor formation. The body’s last ditch effort to compensate for the loss of internal defenses is to hyper activate the depressed immune function. What it may do is over stimulate the immune function, sacrificing the “self” – “not self” regulatory mechanisms. The defenses then perceive its own organs and systems as “not self” and begin to mount defenses against them. This starts the precipitous march toward auto immune disorders such as SLE, Multiple Sclerosis , Rhumatoid Arthritis and possibly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”1

Immunodeficiency diseases occur when the immune system is less active than normal, resulting in recurring and life-threatening infections.  All of these degenerative diseases like Hippocrates claimed thousand of years ago, “begins in the gut”.  As you are well aware that we have bacteria in our digestive tract.  It is known that this mass of trillions of microbes is monumental to the effect they have on all aspects of health in the human body.  Recent research proves on average that 90 percent of all cells and all genetic material in the human body dominates from our gut flora. 


The gut flora or lack of good microbes can become the tipping point for indgood_bad_bacteriaividuals in their balance for health versus dis-ease.  In a healthy person, their micro biome  or gut flora has the necessary beneficial or probiotic species of microbes including beneficial fungi, protozoa, worms and viruses.

Today we know that the immune system is not responsive to drugs for healing. Antibiotics used to fight infections actually depress the immune system when used long-term while simultaneously becoming resistant to it’s effect.  Bacteria have their innate ability to mutate for survival as we have seen with MRSA.

When the gut flora gets wiped out repeatedly by courses of antibiotics, exposure to toxins, manmade chemicals, prescription meds, GMO’s, sugar, inflammatory foods and other various influences then pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and other disease causing microbes take over the digestive tract.  They then digest the food that comes along in their way creating more toxic poisonous substances which absorbs thru the gut lining passing into various area’s of the body and brain.

Medical experts say and is quoted in The Journal of the American Medical Association –

“In the coming decades,

the most important determinants of health and longevity

will be the personal choices

made by each individual.”

Key Components of the Immune System Function are T and B lymphocytes, natural killer cells, phagocytes, antibodies or immunoglobulins.   ColostrumInterferon and lactoferrin proteins which support the growth of bifidobacteria in the gut that which is responsible for activating specific immune cells such as macrophages and neutrophils which inhibit the cellular attachment and replication of viruses.

To raise immunological health is with nutrition and I have found transfer factors are remarkable for compromised immune systems which need these pathways boosted and fully supported.  Transfer factors are not a new discovery, term or product, but well documented and studied molecules that communicate antigenic immunological information inter cellularly from immune donors to non-immune recipients.  It is written in the journal of Molecular Medicine, April 6, 2000 that Transfer Factors derived from  bovine colostrum, avian sources and with immune/gut enhancing adaptogens increases Natural Killer Cells by 437%. 4lifetfpercentage

By taking Transfer Factors you are actually teaching your immune system to function on higher level.  I don’t care how many vitamins, minerals or other supplements people take.   Nothing offers them this kind of effect.  Transfer Factors could be the biggest breakthrough in preventive medicine to date.”  Richard Bennett, PhD.


Transfer Factors are made by nature and these naturally occurring small strands of amino acids and bits of RNA play a direct role in creating immunity.  They help white blood cells locate stubborn infections and heal them as they are the specific powerhouses for autoimmunity, recognizing not only viral infections but work on the same level as the immune system unnecessarily responds causing inflammation to occur.  The same goes for any neurological disorders like autism and Alzheimer’s as there’s specific correlation between the gut/brain axis with faulty biochemistry factors and immune dysfunction.

Whereas the roles of vitamins, minerals and enzymes are numerous as they are the catalysts in how our bodies optimally function.  Just as a healthy balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats are foods that fill these sources of nourishment.

Whether it’s inadequate intake or the malabsorption issue our guts are lacking or I should say leaking.  As we are living cellular beings whose bodies and brains stay balanced when our cells are fed abundantly with beneficial super nutrient dense concentrations of minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, beta carotene, fiber, folic acid, glutathione, lutein, lycopene, polyphenols, probiotics and zeaxaorganic veggiesnthins.

Simultaneously superfoods that contain these powerful constituents will boost the bodies immune capabilities, fight daily inflammation, and support the digestive tracts tremendous job of keeping the body and brain vibrantly multi functioning without flawlessly falling ill.

Not so easy in an overly toxic world which invades our being from every angle and as we have become a malnourished nation not for the lack of food, but have fallen into a matrix of eating frankenfoods that are not real whole clean foods.  Regulatory agencies have deceptively allowed Glyphosate’s, GMO’s and Roundup to be used in conjunction with foods that create holes in and in between the cell walls of our guts, these are chelators of dysbiosis and seriously block the bodies detoxification pathways. 

Connect the dots to what might be making you seriously sick, fatigued, feeling overly anxious or living in a fog all the time?

The Biotech industry has played more than genetic roulette with the dynamics of nature and with living beings on this planet by choosing genetic engineering and using oil based pesticides.  BT toxins from Roundup and glyphosate are directly responsible for the failure to thrive as our health slowly collapses into disease as DNA regulators become damaged when cellular health is destroyed.  These low dose effects cause a cascade of mitochondrial blockers, hormonal issues as it disrupts the endocrine glands, toxicity from the brain to the toes, dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome, infertility, weight loss or resistance.  This all results in silent inflammation which leads to allergies, auto immune disorders, heart disease and cancer.

Organic superfoods to the rescue as they are known to be functional foods because they provide benefits to the body beyond simple sustenance.  They’ve been known to play a major role in cancer prevention, reduction of risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and a host of chronic ailments and infections.  It is now known that these same foods can also boost your ability to burn calories, reduce excess weight release, enhance your immune system, feel vibrant and energetic allowing one to age more gracefully.

13241237_10153607119613715_3759627109146559912_nPutting a squeeze on unnecessary oxidative stress, toxins and inflammation is the key to protecting your DNA. Preventing health from continuing to spiral downward, but actually reversing is possible.  Jumpstarting your health, getting out of the disease mode to help you replenish should begin with a cellular cleanse.

Take a peak at my 21 Day Nourishing the Whole Self Cleanse designed to eliminate the inflammation producing factors while providing sustainable nutrient dense foods and stress reducing tools to help the body revitalize itself.


Protein and essential amino acids are absolutely critical to every component of the immune system because the body cannot defend itself without producing new proteins. Vitamin A is needed to promote the growth, differentiation, and activation of all cells, including immune cells, while vitamin C possesses potent antioxidant power that protects immune cells from free radical damage. Vitamin C has a direct effect on immune-cell function, and a deficiency of this essential nutrient has without a debate been linked to impaired immune response. Additionally, deficient intake of vitamin C decreases the ability of phagocytic cells to migrate to sites where an inflammatory process is occurring, which may allow the spread of an otherwise localized infection. 

Two vitamins that support the adrenals in their everyday challenge to deal with stress with their cortisol releasing glands is adequate intakes of vitamin C and B’s.  Vitamin B is important for immune function and with folate being critical in its role in DNA, RNA and protein synthesis which without proper intake decreases the production, repair and capabilities of the immune cells.  Antibodies that they produce are necessary for hindering an immune response especially needed for an infection.  During an immune response, the need for oxygen increases as immune cells proliferate and perform their functions and for this adequate iron is required as it helps transport oxygen to the blood via how hemoglobin is produced. 

When protein is not being digested properly because of low enzymatic function, a permeable gut or in the case of so many American’s who suffer with low stomach acid, low iron and B12 absorption is highly symptomatic. I see so much of this in my practice when  clients walk in so lethargic, lacking vitality and just feeling like crap(FLC syndrome).  Once addressing the weakened organs with proper nutraceutical support that “AHHA moment” happens when the links of nourishment are connected.

Today’s daily diet doesn’t provide the intake of needed  minerals like zinc, copper and selenium which directly fortify the functioning of antibody-forming cells. Leafy green vegetables, ocean veggies provide ample minerals but most people’s plates don’t display the array of rainbow rich nutrition needed for the body to do the dance.  Trace minerals are like the spark plugs needed for hundreds of different enzymes, immune cells to support in their synthesis of repair and healing in the body. Powering up daily with a glass of delicious greens and berries that has a whopping  50 antioxidant rich superfoods that are one of my personal favorites as it’s synergistically blended together to give your body what it needs for vital energy and healing.

When we take in antioxidant rich foods we are protecting our internal environment from free radical damage and the cells and catalysts of the immune system are less easily destroyed during an immune response, thus increasing their number and effectiveness.  13418411_10153552520861316_3459555573408137959_o

The immune system takes priority over other body systems causing us to feel more tired, run down and depleted of energy.  Nature’s allocation of energy adheres to a strict hierarchy of needs and especially DNA damage…repair is an energy intensive process which requires the proper foods to fuel balance and healing.

I am an advocate for a new form of medicine, Functional Medicine which addresses the root cause of disease.  As a Holistic Practitioner/Integrative Nutritionist we look at the body as an ecosystem, not a collection of parts and systems to treat separately, but an inter connectedness of cellular functioning.  We treat the human organism as a whole, not just organs, not just symptoms or a particular system, but equate to where the imbalances have tipped the internal working ecosystem into a weakened individual human machine.

As Hippocrates said in 400 BC, “let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food.”  Both aspects of this quote must be considered – not just food as medicine, but also medicine as food!  That means superfoods, herbs, spices, adaptogens  and high quality supplements to support the lack of nutrients and absorption factors needed to synergistically improve your brain and mind power, increase energy, spark metabolic and immune function while support overall well-being!

It’s time to stop settling for less than what you deserve out of life. And you deserve a healthy, pain-free, energetic, and beautiful body — at ANY age!

ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED?   Think reversal/easing/eradication of existing health conditions…learn how to THRIVE.

Think real, sustainable weight-loss- Think 21 Days to Nourish the Whole Self Cleanse.

ARE YOU LACKING MOTIVATION OR TEMPTED BY CRAVINGS?   Learn to manage them, rather than have them manage you-schedule today for a FREE consult.

Think natural nutraceuticals to kick-start metabolism, balance your adrenals and improve digestion.

It’s time to think of your journey here and now, regardless of your path, it all begins with energy.  Feed your bodies well my friends as food is energy!

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Do You Have A Food Allergy or Intolerance?

What is  A Food Allergy or Food Intolerances?do you have a food allergy or intolerance

Do you suffer from post nasal drip, sneezing, red and watery eyes, hives, asthma, sinus congestion, chronic ear infections and or hay fever?  These are the more recognizable symptoms that your body is experiencing a chemical response from food or the environment.

Many of you are plagued with physical and mental issues that seriously impacts your overall well-being and quality of life on a daily basis.  When fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, rashes, constipation, gas and bloating become nuances that take a toll on your body and mind it is time to begin understanding what is going on in there?

There are many underlying stressors that can bring about these discomforts but food sensitivities or allergies can be one of the easiest to identify.  Food intolerances and allergies are probably the largest causes of leaky gut syndrome which leads to a myriad of dis-ease in the body that causes systemic inflammation to run amuck.

This is the issue that really hit home with my family and why I chose a change in career paths after my fourth son was diagnosed with allergies to wheat, dairy, soy, eggs and gluten all became problematic and my “Ahha moment” for digestive issues no Gastroenterologist was able to help me with for so very many years prior.  My daughter also had severe hives reactions to nuts so our cupboards and kitchen changed up quickly and nutrition became my passion and my holistic profession expanded.Food-Intolerance-Test child

I’m a firm believer “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, right? Well, not always as you need to become a real food detective.  Whether you have food allergies or even intolerances, specific foods can take a toll on your body and mind and I know this firsthand!

So what’s the difference between a food allergy and food sensitivity and most importantly how do you find out what’s causing the disharmony?

An allergy is an abnormal or inappropriate reaction by the nervous or immune system that occurs in rapid response to an otherwise harmless substances.  When food is involved it is mistakenly identified as another specific protein thought to be a threat sending a swat team of white blood cells to attack it. When the protein enters the digestive system, an antibody called Immunoglobulin E (IgE) is produced and this immune response triggers an allergic reaction.allergy caution tape

An allergy can manifest in many other ways and affects a wide variety of organs and tissues in the body.  Reactions to food allergens  come with a fast onset that can be mild to severe and may affect your skin (hives, tingling mouth, swelling of the lips, tongue, face or throat), within the digestive tract (nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea) or the respiratory system (breathing and dangerous drops in blood pressure).

As you know severe cases can be life-threatening with asthmatic and allergic responses known as anaphylaxis, which requires immediate medical treatment. What you may not realize is that an allergy reaction to Calcium can materialize as a failure to grow, or emerge later in life as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, kidney stones and bone spurs.

The most common food allergens are often referred to as the “Big Eight” from their protein sources:) Dairy or cow’s milk, tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, filberts/hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts), peanuts, eggs, citrus, shellfish, soy and wheat.Common-Food-Allergens-

Whereas most food reactions are actually caused by food intolerances rather than by a true allergy. A food intolerance or sensitivity doesn’t involve a hasty immune reaction like an allergy so eating these foods in small amounts is possible without obvious flare-up responses. A food sensitivity is the inability to digest or break down a particular food and its protein involved triggers a reaction.  This is why gluten and wheat intolerances go misdiagnosed as it takes a food molecule longer to reach the blood for the reaction to occur. There’s also over 200 known wheat proteins and as with peanuts there’s 11 to pinpoint. 

It’s been well documented that these food chemicals clearly provoke a stress response to which the body expresses a symptom.  Although with an intolerance it usually has a “delayed onset” from hours to days to physically manifest which makes the reaction difficult to connect the dots.  Almost half the population suffers from some type of food intolerance.

When the immune system is affected an IgG(Immunoglobin G)mediated response sets off woman with tissuea constantly launching defense against a specific substance.  This drains the immune systems precious resources and zaps your metabolic energy. This IgG response is just one mechanism but there can be other triggers to your symptoms such as a histamine response. To keep from getting really technical this complex stress response can result from built-in mediators like cytokines, prostaglandins, enkaphalins that keep the immune system ramped up and weakening your defenses.

It’s important to keep in mind that although food intolerances are generally less serious, if a specific substance is not eliminated from the diet this reaction will continuously cause a stress response causing inflammation within to remain chronic.  While producing noticeable digestive upset, joint pain, migraines, eczema, sinusitis, brain fog, anxiety and many other expressions of dis-ease, its this “silent inflammation” that lands in an organ, gland, tissue or system that produces the discomfort.

As in the case if you’re lactose intolerant then your digestive system lacks the enzyme lactase which is necessary for breaking down the milk sugar lactose found in cow’s milk.  This causes gas, bloating and diarrhea when consumed initiating your Autonomic Nervous System to trigger a stress response which eventually leads to a cascade of symptoms.

Other common food intolerances include gluten (found in wheat, oats, barley and rye), citrus, apples, pears, watermelon and mango’s and also the familiar nightshade family that includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, bell peppers.  Alcohol and foods high in fructose such as high-fructose corn syrup, raisins, goji berries, honey, agave nectar can be culprits too.

Even Dr. Atkins, in his book awhile back stated that “the first and most basic principle of food allergy is that: “the foods you eat and love the most are usually part of your problem.”  He describes the common phenomena that we often become addicted to the foods that we are intolerant of which unbalance our energy system. He explains that those foods that make us ill actually make us feel better for a short time after they are ingested. It is the classic addiction pattern: the alcoholic, the drug addict, the “carbohydrate addict”, all initially feel better when using their drug of choice.  When food reactions cause cravings it can become a body/mind struggle

The evidence is out and the verdict is that eating foods that one is sensitive to will and can cause weight gain or add can sabotage weight loss.  Food reactions cause one to also store water by disrupting the cells chemistry while releasing hormones that cause fluid retention.  If you eat something and soon notice more extreme thirst, you are probably having a food reaction. 


Allergies and food intolerances are probably the largest causes of leaky gut syndrome which have many different causes that need to be addressed.  Weak adrenals, intestinal dysbiosis(lack of optimal healthy gut flora), chemical and toxic metal exposure and especially our consumption of Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO foods).  I have found when people heal their guts and adrenal glands many food sensitivities disappear, but it may be very challenging to pinpoint the culprits and chemical substances that trigger reactions without using the right tools.

The underlying key factor is STRESS which causes or exacerbates most health related conditions: “According to The American Medical Association (AMA), stress is the cause of 80% to 85% of all human illness and disease. Every week, 95 million Americans suffer some kind of stress-related symptom for which they take medication. ”   A general reduction of stress levels can significantly decrease symptoms of many conditions as the brain creates associations between stressful events and substances which is why this becomes a vicious cycle that subsequently leads to a host of chronic and acute conditions.oh i'm stressed

The stress response is the first step in the cascade of events that might range from watery eye’s, sneezing, sniffling, sinus pressure, gas, bloating, diarrhea, itching, welting and burning skin irritations, wheezing to difficulty breathing. These are all symptomatic expressions the body uses to expel toxins or substances it believes are harmful to the body through the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, integumentary (our skin) and musculo-skeletal systems.


Ongoing exposure to these food culprits which are in a sense a toxic reaction, produces low-level inflammation that over time will eventually result in the disease diagnosis. Here are 10 disease processes that are known to be linked to food sensitivities:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS or IBD)

Autoimmune Diseases

Celiac Disease



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Autism Spectrum Disorder



The pearl here is what if these associations can be broken?  Yes, if a positive stimulus in conjunction with the specific stress inducing substance is initiated symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.  Let’s have you hold that thought for a moment with the belief of all things are possible.

If you suspect that you have a food allergy, your doc can do a skin prick test or a blood test but either is NOT 100% accurate and family history and a description of your symptoms will need to be assessed to determine a final conclusion as to whether or not you have a food related allergy.

A skin prick test is exactly how it sounds, a tiny amount of the suspected food is placed on your arm or back and then your skin is pricked to let a small amount of the food below the surface of your skin. If you’re allergic, you’ll likely develop a raised bump on your skin.

For a blood test it requires a sample of your blood sent to the lab where different foods can be tested with your blood sample and the levels of IgE antibodies will be measured. You can learn more about the ELISA test at the Genova Diagnostics website or ALCAT intolerance testing which measures up to 350 foods, herbs and chemicals.  The down side is that this testing is pricey and often shows many false positives for food intolerances and is not available for those living in NYS.  For all these reasons, most health professionals do not recognize this testing model.

food intoleranceAs with food intolerances or sensitivities, an elimination diet is highly recommended and used to determine whether or not certain foods are troublesome. Suspected foods are eliminated for 7-21 days and then added back in one at a time each week to determine whether or not a reaction occurs. If you suspect you have a specific food allergy, Do Not use this approach since you run the risk of experiencing a life-threatening reaction when the suspect food is added back in.

If the elimination diet doesn’t provide clear-cut food intolerance answers I use muscle testing as a very efficient tool to identify substances that are causing allergy-like reactions.  Muscle testing identifies substances that negatively affect the body’s energy system.  The muscle test clearly identifies to both practitioner and patient, which substances weakens the patient’s body making the distinction of substance dramatic and clear cut.

There is a non-invasive hydrogen breath test can be done to determine lactose intolerance or fructose malabsorption. The same test is done to diagnose IBS( irritable bowel syndrome) or SIBO when there’s bacterial overgrowth occurring because of a severe imbalance in the small intestine.

Unfortunately if certain foods are linked to the health struggles in your life then its vital that they be positively addressed or auto-immune disorders develop, metabolism runs amuck, digestive disorders, diabetes and heart disease can prevail when inflammation leaks out from the gut into the bloodstream.graph on intolerance symptoms

Biolight technologies has measured specific stress levels in the Autonomic Nervous System, identified substances that cause stress levels to rise, and couples these environmental stressors with a positive stimulus. In this case, that is the release of endorphins and enkephalins triggered by nerve bundle stimulation during light therapy. Endorphins and enkephalins are the body’s natural sedative and pain killers and upon release calm the nervous system, breaking the previous negative association and replacing it with a neutral association. The net result is the positive conditioning or successful neurological relaxation training of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) to no longer respond in a stressful manner during real world substance exposure.

The benefits of reducing stress on the nervous system however, and reducing or eliminating autonomic nervous system mediated responses, can have wide reaching positive effects on a number of symptoms and conditions that previously had limited therapeutic options.

In my practice I use a cold light laser for NSRT(Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy) which has proven to greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the symptoms associated with:

  • • Allergies and Food Sensitivities
  • • Asthma and Hayfever
  • • ADD/ ADHD and Autism
  • Depression & All Neurological Imbalances
  • Dermalogical Issues
  • • Eczema/ Psoriasis
  • Gastrointestinal Dysfunction; IBS, Crohns, Acid Reflux
  • • Insomnia
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Musculoskeletal Pain & Inflammatory Diseases
  • • Bed Wetting
  • Smoking and Addictive Behaviors

456Why is this so important?

The benefits of low light laser therapy are further magnified due to the fact that these protocols and hundreds more that are pre-programmed for an array of substance specific sensitivities, inflammation reducing, immune boosting, enhancing cellular healing and repair while supporting neuroplasticity of the brain. This being totally non-invasive, painless and extremely effective. NSRT requires no drugs just homeopathy support, no needles as this is described as needleless acupuncture. Although an anti-inflammatory & bioindividual diet is recommended, there is no dietary restrictions .  As one of your healthcare providers you’ve got myself who has your back with supporting you as a whole in making healthier dietary or lifestyle changes towards keeping you feeling your very best towards aging gracefully!  This is a safe and holistic alternative for patient care which works amazingly and is wonderful to see the most young and old respond so well.

Get more action steps on how to THRIVE, living a healthy & vibrant life straight to your inbox with my Thrive E-book coming out shortly.  To sign up for my newsletter and Thrive E-book visit

It’s your turn to acknowledge your health struggles, the medications you might be on suppressing symptoms, the fatigue you might be feeling or the distress that’s going on within your body/mind?  Whether it’s certain foods, heavy metals, environmental or hormonal factors, anxiety, autoimmune once you’ve identified more of the root cause to any dis-ease your body is trying to balance and take the action steps to bring it back to true health then kudos to you for addressing the bottom line.

food for thought

When it comes to trouble foods for you, there’s always alternatives and creating delicious allergen or intolerant-free foods that you will probably find more satisfying as taste buds change when you remove the culprits over time you just feel better!

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